2 extremists guilty of British soldier's murder on London street


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“You can’t hold religion responsible for their views,” the soldier’s stepfather Ian told ITV television.

Wow, that is the most blindly stated comment I've ever seen. The only people that believe this don't know squat about "true" Islam nor have ever taken the time to read the Qur'an or even the hadiths derived from it. Its the same reason why the Amadiyaa sect is practically murdered on sight by both Shia and Sunni, and Christians and Jewish folks are specifically targeted in spite of the attempts at "friendly" persecution. If you're neither of these and adhere to a religion (or non-religion) not "of the book" you're as good as a bug being stepped on by someone's shoe in Islam's teachings.

There are only good people and bad people in this world. Unfortunately a lot of bad minded people adhere to Islamic teachings, while the good minded people are trying to change Islamic doctrine from the inside (and we see how far those ones get with death threats and persecution in Islamic governed countries or communities....).

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I can't believe they had to go to trial, after admitting they killed the guy and their actions were caught on video. It should have been a summary decision by a judge. Too bad England doesn't have the death penalty anymore.

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These 2 fools are worse than animals and should not be protected by the death penalty for humans, because they are lower than animals and should be used and abused to teach other fools who think they will be happy to become martyrs for their crazy ideas that are being confused for religion. This, running over, hacking to death and trying to chop the head off of this British solider is NOT what any TRUE RELIGION would ever teach!! This is what TERRORISTS using RELIGION as an excuse, so they will BURN IN HELL, they are making the worst KARMA that no god will ever be able to forgive nor save. So for these 2 idiot fools, may they burn and burn in HELL!! Bastards!

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It's a shame the soldier was unarmed and defenceless at the time of the brutal attack. He could have had a fighting chance instead of just getting slaughtered by these two very evil scumbags.

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A very rare case where I would support the death penalty. 1, because there is not one shred of doubt about the conviction, 2. because these men will recruit (sometimes forcibly) other inmates into extremist gangs in prison - this is how one of them was radicalised himself. Its known to be a massive problem in British jails at the moment and they're probably almost as dangerous inside as out.

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Send them to the front line...

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Well there was a foregone conclusion. In a sense they got exactly what they wanted; an opportunity to showboat in the witness stand and preach their insane world view. In my mind, however, the best thing is if we dismiss all talk of "holy war" and "revenge for British aggression", and just call this crime what it was: a vicious and sordid murder. Don't give them the pleasure of indulging their quixotic fantasies.

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You HEARD his words: " An EYE for an EYE ". I submit, that he be EXECUTED in the SAME MANNER he murdered this soldier; HACK him to death, in full public view. And so it is written.

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Would hope Rigby's family gets at least some small comfort from justice being served.

It's a shame the soldier was unarmed and defenceless at the time of the brutal attack. He could have had a fighting chance instead of just getting slaughtered by these two very evil scumbags.

Unlikely. According to eyewitness accounts... "it appears that Lee Rigby was rendered unconscious by that deliberate act [being hit by the Vauxhall Tigra]. The car carried him from the road on to the pavement."

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We don't do execution in the UK, nor do we do "An eye for an eye". We'd be worse off for it as a nation if we did.

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They have some rwal bad karma to pay for! Let them burn in hell!!

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