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2 men decapitated, 2 women killed on Mexico border


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Lovely news to wake up to on a beaitiful Sunday morning...not. It's difinitely getting out of hand in Mexico and becoming more like Iraq.

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Isn't this just business as usual in the midst of a "gory drug war"?

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Hmmm.... the disabled man's death didn't warrant a part in the title of the article? How about 5 killed on Mexico border - 2 decapitated ?

Of course, you count all the bodies mentioned in the article, it should read something more like: Mexico killing grounds claim another xx lives

Anyway, sucks to be in Mexico. I mean, people who hate you will cut your face off and stitch it onto a soccer ball and then really kick you around...!

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Are these people targeted for their links to cartels? Or are they just random shootings?

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Some are targeted; some are random. For instance, if a cartel wants to extort money from a bar owner, and the owner holds out, the cartel won't necessarily kill the owner or burn down the bar right away. That would eliminate the chance of future payments.

Instead, the cartel will raid the bar, kidnap several customers at random, and torture/execute them. That terrifies everyone, and forces the bar owner to pay up.

But that's Mexico for you... that's just how it is down there. Can't really change it; it's just part of their culture.

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What's even worse is that since they've recently tortured and executed a news reporter, many Mexican news outlets have voluntarily stopped reporting these events, so it may even be worse than it seems.

If you are young, poor man with skills in Mexico, joining up with a cartel can seem to be much more lucrative and a much easier choice than being a cop or joining the army.

It's going to get to the point where the cartels have more men, more firepower than the police or military, and with no conscience whatsoever, Mexico can easily turn into an outlaw run country.

Not to mention the impact it will have on Mexico's tourism. I used to go to Mexico all the time while in university, but I'd never go there now.

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The U.S./Mexico border region is like a land unto its own... It's tragic that a minority of hard core criminals are wreaking havoc... Central, Western and Eastern Mexico are nothing like the extreme north nor the extreme south. I'm not sure if there's another country on earth, other than Thailand, perhaps, with the kind of environmental and culinary diversity... It's a beautiful country full of beautiful people with an incredibly fascinating and complex history.

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Earlier this week there was a news article out of Sinaloa, Mexico about a drug cartel hit in which the victim's face was cut off and stitched around a soccer ball.


Some Mexican newspapers have now stopped all reporting on crime after their reporters were kidnapped, tortured and killed by the cartels.

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Jeeze maybe we should drop in some of these drug dealers to fight the Taliban....

Why would they target reporters who publicize crime? I thought their gaol was to send a message....might be hard to do that if no one hears about it.

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Mexico is probably not the safest tourist destination these days, if you want to keep your head... heck, is there anything worth going there for anyway (except cheap tequila and drugs?)

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I'm not sure if there's another country on earth, other than Thailand, perhaps, with the kind of environmental and culinary diversity

Try Australia, brother, we have it all.

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I don't really like drugs, but legalization would solve a lot of problems.

(burakumin- that's from immigration, right? murasaki probably means indigenously/ traditionally. many civilations/ countries existed there over a long period of time very different ecological environment, high level of civilization= highly developed cuisines, and very different over distance. Mexico is a really cool place.)

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couversaka That just shows blatant ignorance. Why one earth would a multibillion dollar business care for bar owners? It is specific targets. And no, it's not a part of "their" culture. It is a business that is fueled by the illegal consumption in US

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If the US legalized drugs in the US and monopolized it then there would be no need to get that crap from Mexico

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Los Mochis - just in time for the new year!

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Aah yes, yet more wonderful fallout from the War on "Some" Drugs. It is because of people like most (or some) of YOU that puts up with this sh!t. Yes, some of you have problems with drugs being legalized, but are you fu!king insane to prefer this gory VIOLENCE over letting people have the choice to partake in their own recreational drug use?? I tell ya...most citizens in the world are frigging asses --- either too wrapped up in blinding religions who's practitioners even don't believe jack squat about.

Any time I see a society where alcohol & tobacco is legal and "some" herbal drugs are illegal, I know something fishy is going on. Furthermore, don't most of you find it odd that the police and drug cartels want the SAME THING: for "some" drugs to be ILLEGAL??? Think people think!!!

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Common sense is starting to prevail in Latin America. It's only with US drug "officials". Why? Because they traffic the damn drugs which are used to fund illegal CIA operations. Duh, it's obvious it's a cash cow that they're ADDICTED to!!!

"...Earlier this year, three former Latin American presidents known for their free-market and conservative credentials—Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico, Cesar Gaviria of Colombia and Fernando Henrique Cardoso of Brazil—said governments should seriously consider legalizing marijuana as an effective tool against murderous drug gangs.

If the war on drugs has failed, analysts say it is partly because it has been waged almost entirely as a la w-and-order issue, without understanding of how cartels work as a business..."

Source: Wall Street Journal http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704254604574614230731506644.html

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[Try Australia, brother, we have it all.] --- You don't have whale meat. But lots of drugs that could have you look like Mexico someday. Pity Mexico is losing control of their country to thugs. Just go in and machine gun these cartels, their employees and families and show em it's a two way street. No mercy. No Profit for Blood!!

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The fuse is lit on the Mexico time bomb. As it runs out of oil, the increase in such grizzly crimes will be accepted as the new normal. Chaos loves a good vacuum.

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Maxatheitpro, you really should understand the reason why even if its legalised it will still have a blackmarket. Someone earlier put up a really good post that even if legalised where would poor penniless addicts get the money to keep up their fix? Prostitution would rise, robbery would still be there, muggings etc. Surely you don't expect legalised drugs to bring a government money to tax on it when they'll probably end up having to spend more money on rehab programs, or if they create a program to purchase drugs to keep poor addicts on their fix to keep down crime. Sorry but the idea that the issue with hard drugs would be solved if legalised, you'll have to come up with solutions to the other problems that would arise after it.

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After hearing about the retaliation killing of the family of a former Mexican military officer that died during a gunfight with a drug cartel, its going to take the entire society not just the police and the military but the ordinary citizens to take a stand and help eliminate the cartels from taking over the country. This sadly is another perfect example of what happens when you let corruption go unpunished. Its much harder to get things back on track when the wrong people, especially criminal orginizations get too much power.

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