2 million state workers to strike in Britain on Wednesday


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LOL and then the Brits warn of riots happening on the continent.

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12 hours to have their passports checked

Get off your flight if you can.

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Scrap the debt money system and start again. It is the only viable option. Every government has so much debt, the measures of cutting back on spending (which includes reducing government pensions) are just the beginning. We can all expect even more severe actions over the coming months and years ahead. Thank you debt money system and fractional reserve lending.... You are the cause for 99% of the worlds financial problems. Sadly, 99% of the population doesn't even know what it means... sighs!

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What is it with all these unions at the moment-Australia had the aeroplane company, the nurses and the police recently. See I can understand unions for mines-cause of the danger of the work and safety required. But unions for anything else? Besides a fair working rate, like retail outlets, what else is there? Why do they even dally in pensions and so on? And besides why does making pension age higher be a problem-whats everybody into growing old quickly or something? Have I missed something? Whats wrong with Cuba then Mexican?

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I wonder what the public in general will think of this. If they blame the unions for being unreasonable in a time of austerity then Cameron has won. If they blame Cameron then there might be an early election. Either way I'm glad I'm not in Britain at the moment.

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I was supposed to fly to the UK tomorrow, I have cancelled. To even visit the UK would be to demonstrate support of the disgraceful behaviour the Unions intend to carry out tomorrow. The Unions WILL NOT win this one. The UK is already in a bad enough state as it is. This is no longer the 1970's - For example, More parents than ever work full time now. Who will take care of their children tomorrow? They will have to take unpaid leave and therefore pay LESS tax and LESS National Insurance worsening the already fragile pension system. Yes, one day will make a lot of difference. I suggest you do some reading up on the leaders of the 3 big Unions that will strike tomorrow. All of them earning between 120,000-130,000 Pounds a year. 5-7 times the national average.

There will be no sympathy from the private sector, everybody has already seen their pensions wither on the vine since 2008 - the world has changed. I hope the Cameron government sticks with its plans so that the UK might, and just might be one of the first countries 4-5 years from now to start recovering.

@Tom DeMicke, I suggest you actually read some proper news before posting such a senseless comment again. It is precisely because the UK intends to keep its Borders secure that there will be massive delays tomorrow. Please kindly elaborate on the 'stupid move' comment.

@Elbuda, May I ask why you hadve so much sympathy with your 'brothers', 'out' there in the UK? Do you work in the Public Sector in Japan - Has your pension been cut also? Do you HAVE a pension?

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Yes, there will be delays to flights, hospital appointments etc. but that is down to the workers, not the government. The way I see it, NHS workers striking could well put a number of lives in danger and shorten others - it's a very selfish thing to do. You want to complain about delays and such? Take it up with the unions, not the government.

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Fight the good fight. The government will not win this one, and I'm quite sure that in the short run the unions will gain more and more support. In this day and age, such a strike would cripple things in a very short time, without the length of time needed by the government to try and paint the unions as the bad people.

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Adding to the pressure on the government, Prentis threatened further industrial action in the new year if the dispute is not resolved.

that's necessary.

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Hey Zichi, I think Fidel out in Cuba all ready tried that about what 50?? 60?? years ago too, right??

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12 hours to have your passports checked/stamped? If no one is there, then it should be easy to "jump" cutoms and immigration checkpoints, who's gonna be there to stop people from doing that? Great opportunity for terrorists to enter the country and do something. Stupid move on the British government.

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Enough of wiping banks' debts, wipe ours then we will feed the system from Year Zero.

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I stand by my union brothers out in the UK! ¡Viva la huelga!

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Fight the fight,my peeps. Since I am in Japan and won't visit Britain in the foreseeable future it takes nothing for me to say I support my brothers and sisters there, even though I don't know anything about labour relations in UK.

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Fire all of them and hire the jobless

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¡Viva la huelga! Long live the strike!!

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Not only should it be illegal for public workers to strike, but it should result in an automatic dismissal and mandatory jail time.

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