20 children dead from school meal in India


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So what the hell was in this free lunch that could have killed so many innocent children?? RIP poor Indian children

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Poor kids and so heartbreaking for the families! I hope they find the cause and find some way to prevent this from happening again.

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My dear lord.... I've heard of mass food poisoning in many nations, on many occasions, but never leading to so many deaths when it was not intentional poisoning (and even then, not so many victims). The worst part is that given the poverty level in the area and the fact it was a government sanctioned free lunch for said poor people, it's unlikely anything beyond the compensation being offered will be done about it. And the whole burial near the school is a bit curious. Is that normal if a kid dies?

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Tragic. Steps must be taken to ensure such a thing never occurs again.

"Food prices have soared in India over the last six years"

Whose fault is this?

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So what the hell was in this free lunch that could have killed so many innocent children??


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Wow, that must have been a lot of insecticide. Lots more than would be typical. Or was it deliberate? Tragic.

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Sounds like GMO out of control...

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for those who are surprised there were so many victims, , , HELLO !! this is India we're talking about… probably half a million kids ate that lunch. as for the bereived families, Hey, they only lost one kid they probably have 20 or 30 more at home. and hey what about that 200, 000 rupee lottery win.

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