20 injured in new Hong Kong protest violence


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The leader of Hong Kong should step down and maybe these protests should be outside the police stations and politicians offices now (take the fight to them if they want confrontation) . Shut down Gov and if that doesn't work just shut everything down (stay home).

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Deafening silence from the U.S., Japan, EU, Australia and other so called freedom loving countries. If this was happening in Russia, sanctions would already be in place. When China was not punished for what happened in Tiananmen Square the results are what you see now with what they are doing with the territorial disputes and Hong Kong.

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Never trust a leftest to ever keep his word.

Leftest/Communist will always take the low road whenever they can. In this case Communist China has the ability to take the low road because the Brits were completely lost when they agreed to the treaty with Communist China.

Thatcher's government completely screwed the freedom loving people of Hong Kong!

She actually believed that the Communist would keep their word and screwed the real citizens of Hong Kong.

She thought that the privileged 5 percenters would uphold the principles of democracy. But as we have seen, when you give Communist the power they will always abuse their rights to keep power!

Place aCommunist in power and they will alway take your power to speak!

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While I support what HK protesters' Democracy request, I also think HK police actually did good job so far! They control themselves so well so no people die after 3 weeks serious protest. This sort of matter also happened in other countries in these years and some people died every single time!

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There will be democracy in Hong Kong. No oppression can not refrain the people from their demand i.e.democracy.Its a matter of time.

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We will be waiting for the end of time for China to change voluntarily. The only real solution now is to boycott their products and travel industry until they feel the pain.

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The police force in HK are just doing their job. Protestors are really against the gov, not the police. Just let the police do their job!

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The German concentration camp guards were just "doing their job".

It's not necessarily something to be admired.

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anwar kamal There will be democracy in Hong Kong. No oppression can not refrain the people from their demand i.e.democracy.Its a matter of time.

So - what is it - democracy ? Who can judge which country is more "democratic" and which is less ?

Some people goes to the streets and what ? Immediately to change government ?

What was a result in Egypt ? Tunis ? Libya ?

Ukraine ?

Full disaster

The most interesting thing - nobody take responsibility for such situation

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