20 Shiites pulled off Pakistani bus and shot dead


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"Gunmen"? Of any random religion??

No, SUNNI gunmen of course, extending their jihad to Shiites, which they consider heretics.

This is a purely religious terrorism, and the the media trying to blank that out and turn the jihadis into non-descript "gunmen" is pathetic and insulting.

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If shootings and murders coincide with all your major religious holidays is it wrong for the rest of humanity to infer it is obviously integral to your cult?

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Thank god I am an atheist....

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Islam means PEACE?. Where ever Muslims lives that place is the most peaceful place in the world. They come as one later you will see a group and then a mosque with a tall Minar ( tower) and shout loud VOICE five times a day. Never think about other people or faith. Pakistan is the best example of Muslim faith. But to tell there are few Muslims good and they are over powered by the other major portion.

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" Thank god I am an atheist.... "

Atheists are even worse than heretics for the Salafis. Had there been atheiists on the bus, they would have been shot too, of course.

So I am not sure why you think that would have helped you.

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" Islam means PEACE?. "

Actually, in Arabic "Islam" means "submission", and not "peace". I don´t know who started spreading that mistranslation.

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It was a joke. "Thank god I'm an atheist...." :)

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If the world would withdraw and let the locals thin each other out, there would be a lot fewer to fight later.

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