2010s hottest decade in history, U.N. says as emissions rise again


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Manmade emissions from burning fossil fuels, building infrastructure, growing crops and transporting goods mean 2019 is set to break the record for atmospheric carbon concentrations, locking in further warming,

According to most climate scientists, with the exception of those paid by the oil and gas industries', some of whom are saying it's just nature's way, leave things alone, nothing can be done, get ready to deal with the problems.

The state's pushing fossil industries and the fossil economy, states like Trump's US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc., know for their elite establishments to maintain their power and control over the globe's population they need to undermine the efforts of those pushing for conservation measures and reductions in the amount of hydrocarbons burnt.

The aging global leaders (mostly septuagenarians wanting a return to the 1950's when they were young) make personal attacks on those favoring alternatives. These leaders continue to subsidize (aka welfare/socialism for the rich) the corporations that enrich them and their supporters.

 the fossil fuel industry got a whopping $5.2 trillion in subsidies in 2017. This amounts to 6.4 percent of the global gross domestic product.

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Cue the morons without advanced degrees in science arguing against those with advanced degrees in science.

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The rich can adapt to climate changes better than the poor.

This is why no real action will come into effect anytime soon...

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This decade is set to be the hottest in history

The hottest in history? The planet is 4.3 billion years old and the last 10 years are the hottest in history? That is the very definition of malarkey (a term nearly as old as the Earth).

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Our economic activities continue to use the atmosphere as a waste dump for greenhouse gases,

CO2 is vital for life on the Earth. An atmospheric gas that is vital to all life on the planet is not “waste”. It is plant food.

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CO2 is vital for life on the Earth. An atmospheric gas that is vital to all life on the planet is not “waste”. It is plant food.

Just like water but if you drink too much at once it will kill you.

Hotter temperatures kill plants and cause drought which wipe out massive areas of life supporting crops. The hotter temperatures and chemical pollutions are killing very important insects including bees which are vital for crop growing. Millions of insects have gone extinct.

How much CO2 do plants need? Certainly the current record amounts.

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And while governments spend hundreds of billions of dollars subsidising fossil fuels

Do these subsidies (welfare/socialism for the globe's elite) include the costs states like the US spend on military activities such as Iraq and Afghanistan in support of fossil fuels industries. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have cost US taxpayers TRILLIONS, so those costs should also be included. The subsidies received by big oil and big defense are of course paid by taxpayers. Instead of getting government services (healthcare, infrastructure, education, jobs training, environmental cleanup, etc.) that help the population in general, the subsidies provide the most benefits to the country's richest and most powerful.

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Just like water but if you drink too much at once it will kill you.

In the last 150 years the volume of CO2 in the atmosphere increased from .03% to .041%. That’s it!

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This decade is set to be the hottest in history, the United Nations said Tuesday in an annual assessment outlining the ways in which climate change is outpacing humanity's ability to adapt to it.

The real question is "Why is climate change being allowed to outpace humanity's ability to adapt to it". If you are aware that the planet has been getting warmer since the last ice age, why aren't these CO2-is-evil zealots demanding better insulated housing, and increased energy production to power more air conditioning?

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