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21 aboard cruise ship off California test positive for coronavirus


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They’re not designed as quarantine facilities, to put it mildly,” said Don Milton of the University of Maryland. “You’re going to amplify the infection by keeping people on the boat.”

Brilliantly stated.

Get them ALL off that virus incubator and into a quarantine on land. Lives will be saved. 45 sick people now will be well into the hundreds be next week if they stay on. Learn from the mistakes of Yokohama Port.

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Well, just how in the world did the virus get to them? One will probably never know, with the way things are, all cruise ships should get off the seas until all this passes.

If they dont' it is criminal negligence in my opinion

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Confined to their cabins, passengers aboard a mammoth cruise ship

If the "Grand Princess" is mammoth here, just what the hell was the "Diamond Princess" which was even larger!

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Get theCDC in their and learn from the diamond princess disaster. Hope this virus can be stamped out soon.

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It seems to me the Grand Princess would be 2nd Diamond Princess if all passengers and crew are not disembarked and not quarantined at good facilities outside the ship soon. The ship is a virus incubator. CDC is going to test all passengers and crew in the ship. I wonder how long CDC would take to test them all.

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Just announced, at least 21 passengers on the boat are confirmed with the virus... so far.

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The passengers found out from watching the Donald's visit to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta on their televisions.

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Just announced, at least 21 passengers on the boat are confirmed with the virus... so far.

21 passengers are positive out of tested 46 so far.

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21 is 19 crew members and 2 tourists. 19 crew members must be room service staffs. They must have knocked hundreds of doors during cruise.

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Federal officials have been working with California authorities and "we have developed a plan to bring the ship to a non-commercial port," Pence said. "All passengers and crew will be tested for the virus. Those that will need to be quarantined will be quarantined. Those who will require medical help will receive it."

Good that they're taking action like this.

Oh but wait ... I thought (based on all the expert commentary posted here by JT's keyboard warriors) that Trump wasn't doing anything about this issue.

And no, he didn't call the coronavirus a "hoax." He was clearly referring to something else, but the media deliberately and dishonestly sliced and diced the tape.

Google it if you don't believe me.

And if you're one of those folks still thinking that he called it a hoax, then all I can suggest is that you stop being such gullible sheep who automatically believe anything that conveniently fits your political ideology.

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The ship arrived from Hawaii. Any testing in Hawaii?

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First of all, I sincerely hope that all passengers/crew on board are going be all right.

The ongoing situations including mishap just remind me of the precedent... Hasn't the US learned any lesson from the Diamond Princess "fiasco" off the Yokohama bay? C'mon, you guys know better, must act better! At that time, there arose some criticism from American media and public discourses which were mostly naive, unreasonably harsh or high-handed against Japanese authorities for their mishandling. OK, now is your turn, please show us how well to do it.

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@Tom. Last week a friend said there were 100 people in hospitals in Hawaii under observation awaiting testing. The CDC then sent 1,200 test kits but they were defective. No idea what the latest news is...

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Pence said 46 of the more than 3,500 people on board were tested in the first round. 

Unbelievable, only 46. Looks like no lesson was learnt from japans failed diamond princess quarantine.

Well, expecting leaders to be in touch with reality is a tall order.

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"We anticipate that they will be quarantined on the ship, they will not need to disembark."

Not sure who “we” are but sounds like Diamond Princess II if it turns out to be true.

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Sounds as if they may be following the Japanese pattern...?



Though all guests have been asked to stay in their rooms, "we're in discussions with the CDC regarding time for guests to access the open deck for fresh air and exercise," the captain says, referring to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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President Donald Trump, speaking at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, said he would have preferred not to let the passengers disembark onto American soil but will defer to the recommendations of medical experts.

"I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn't our fault," he said. "And it wasn't the fault of the people on the ship either. Okay? It wasn't their fault either. And they are mostly Americans."

What an absolute idiot, lets hope he DOES however listen to experts rather than his pea sized brain!!

Lets hope the yanks arent  stupid & leave everyone onboard!!

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It seems to me Diamond Princess ship's same things are happening to Grand Princess. 3500 passengers and crew members seem too many for US and not many facilities available for better quarantine (than Japan) and not enough test kits for them. The US better beg nations to evacuate/rescue their citizens from the ship as soon as possible, and then the US is going to have less burden of passengers.

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If they get the infected crew off they may fair better than the diamond princess. It's questionable whether the air system is an issue. Some say it is, some say it isn't. None of them actually know anything about that particular ship.

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Today's comedy program courtesy of the White House and our Stable Genius President;

Trump goes to the CDC and again "makes up stuff" like;

“Anybody that needs a test gets a test” for coronavirus. In fact, the CDC has badly lagged in preparing a nationwide testing regime, and only a minuscule percentage of Americans can currently be tested. 

Trump also said during his CDC tour that the tests are “all perfect,” comparing it to his “perfect” phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.  In fact, an initial CDC test was flawed, which delayed its implementation by about two weeks.

So right after that, Pence has to come out and do another "clean up on isle 4"...and say Donnie was wrong, but without injuring his fragile ego...


I'm almost starting to feel sorry for Mikey....almost....

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From my Hawaiian friend again: In Hawaii last week, the Grand Princess stopped at ports on Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island.

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The Grand Princess departed from U.S. soil, went to U.S. soil, RETURNED to U.S. soil, and because it was a cruise ship they started testing people and with only 46 tested, 21 are positive. They are now going to test them all. And we'll be able to forward calculate how many infected there are in the United States that are not yet showing symptoms. So far the math is:

3500 people on board, 21 infected. 21 divided by 3500 is 0.006. 0.006 times 320, 000, 000 = 1, 920, 000 infected in the U.S., with very few showing symptoms because the infections are too fresh, and that's with only a small number of the people on board tested.

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President Donald Trump, speaking at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, said he would have preferred not to let the passengers disembark onto American soil

Yeah, Trump really makes America great! He wants to abandon these Americans on the ship. I can't believe it!

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So the Japanese received Global criticism for their Cruise Ship handling... and now the US has their own Cruise ship issue to deal with, and it looks very much like the same thing is playing out.

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If we have learned anything from the cruise ship in Japan it’s that the passengers should be removed from the Grand Princess as quickly as possible and quarantined in proper facilities ashore.

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We already know that quarantine on a ship doesn't work. Madness is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.

Get those people off the ship, quarantined for the next 24 days.

There are lots of cabin "retreats" across the USA or remote beach houses, if they prefer.

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Just found out my friend’s cruise-loving elderly parents are aboard the Grand Princess.

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US is not Japan, while coming into California port, they already tested over 40 and they will test entire people before the boat docks.

Also they will not come into San Francisco port as schedule, the boat will be docked in isolated port , not yet named and those passengers and crew will be divided into infected and non-infected and move to isolated facilities for both treatment and quarantine purpose .

US will show Japan how to properly handle quarantine.

There will be no dragging its feet, testing few people at a time, living old passengers in the cabin for extra week, even though , they had all the signs of C19 virus, keeping foreign passenger in the ship so they will get infected for 2 weeks.

Hope Japan will learn something from watching U.S handle this ship.

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Kobe White Bar Owner - Get the CDC in their and learn from the diamond princess disaster. Hope this virus can be stamped out soon.

This virus will not be stamped out. It can only be controlled. A vaccine will be made, literally made, before the year is out. That vaccine will be added to list of flu shot vaccines that are provided every year. What is needed now are efforts to identify, and control the spread of this virus. While it's unfortunate that there are infected, non-infected, and possibly-infected people on board these cruise ships, it's best to isolate all of the passengers, and crew, on the ship rather than risk spreading the virus among the general public. This same precaution should have been used at Wuhan, as well as all of the other places where the Wuhan virus has been detected.

It's people who are spreading this virus, and it's people who need to be quarantined. There have been several reported incidents of people who knew they were infected, and been told to stay-at-home, and chose to visit bars, restaurants, and attend meetings instead. These types of people are incredibly stupid, and NEED to be forcibly detained, in order to protect the public at large. I'm sorry that there are people trapped on this cruise ship, but that is still the best place to stop this particular occurrence of the virus. 3700 people vs millions.

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mmwkdw - So the Japanese received Global criticism for their Cruise Ship handling... and now the US has their own Cruise ship issue to deal with, and it looks very much like the same thing is playing out.

The media outlets need to stop spreading half-truths, and lies, and concentrate their efforts on providing useful, factual, and truthful information. Professional rumor-mongering isn't helping anyone.

Millions of effective test kits have not been gathering dust on shelves waiting for this virus to appear. Large scale quarantine facilities are not standing by stocked with all of the medical means needed to deal with this virus. Trained medical personnel are doing the best they can with what they have currently available. Many of the infected are not helping the situation. Posters, pundits, CNN-types, and political ne're-do-wells are not helping anyone deal with this crisis.

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It seems to me Grand Princess ship would be 2nd Diamond Princess if passengers can't disembark and they are not quarantined at good facilities on land very soon. Otherwise coronavirus will get them all. It would be worse than Diamond Princess. I wonder how many days they have been quarantined in the ship so far?

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All of commenters,

US is not Japan, they will be docking in Port of Oakland , which is a non commercial port and will be leaving. I said leaving the ship by seriousness of each passengers conditions.

they will not be stuck in the ship like in Yokohama

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