22 million missing Bush White House e-mails found


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Now let's get to the answers that the bush administration was hiding. We've now got the answers to all those questions they refused to answer by refusing or saying they couldn't find the emails. Time for some special prosecutors. < :-)

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Bush? Responsability? Ethics? I'm laughing to death here.

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I doubt of Bush sent any of them. He was too busy shoveling hay at his ranch to bother learning how to use one of those newfangled gadgets.

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These emaisl were deleted or otherwise removed by error. No conspiracy here Liberals, look elsewhere and stop trying to tarnish Bush`s successfull 8 years in office.

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Bush probably still can't use a computer. Successful 8 years? What planet do you come from Richard Morris?

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A find like this? Could create thousands of new jobs is what I reckon! Lefties,swampies and the like would line up to receive a position reviewing Mr Bush's personal mails.

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How does an organization accumulate 22Mil e-mails, much less how do you mislable or even lose or even find that many? This is like saying each person in the admin sent thousands of emails each..... that's a lot of time sitting in front of a computer.

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