233 dead in Brazil nightclub fire


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I hope they arrest all those responsible for this horrible tragedy! RIP amigos brasileiros

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The country is in shock. RIP.

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Terrible tragedy, 250 young souls perished in few minutes. These accidents are just way to common! It is about time someone come up with safer ways to build these structures. Kabukicho was a very similar story. RIP!!!

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Terrible loss of life. Hope the death toll doesn't rise. Condolences to the loved ones of the dead.

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RIP to those who died. Hope they find who is responsible and punish them accordingly.

Reading the other incidents it would seem that bands playing in nightclubs seem to be the fairly big cause?

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In a club and see fireworks? Head out the door.

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Good advice, paulinusa. The same thing happened at the Reggae Pub on Ko Samui (Thailand) on New Year's Eve in 1995/6 (if memory serves). The massive club had a thatched roof and when some party-goers started shooting off bottle rockets, one got embedded in the roof. As soon as I saw the sparks start to spread, I pointed at the ceiling to those around me, grabbed my friend and headed toward the exit. In about 5 minutes the entire place was blazing away and you could feel the heat from 30 meters back. Unfortunately 2 people perished - at least that was the local buzz the next day - but luckily for the others, there were several doors and windows to escape through.

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Good thing to remember when going to a club, make sure you know where the exits are.

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Good thing to remember when going to a club, make sure you know where the exits are.

In this case, apparently that would be EXIT - singular.

This is worse than The Station fire back in 2003 when the band manager for Great White set off some pyrotechnics and killed 100 people. 1 minute 30 seconds after flames become visible, black smoke is billowing out of every opening and doorways are jammed with the bodies of people trying to escape the smoke and flames.

(Video is scary, not for the weak of heart)

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