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26 bodies dumped in mass slaying in Guadalajara


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I know this sounds scary but Guadalajara is actually of very nice city, so they have some issues with drugs and mafias fighting over $$$, power, territory etc...just stay out of their way and you will enjoy Mexico, guess also better not to drink the local tap water too and avoid Montezuma's Revenge. RIP dead amigos??

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I don't know the root causes of this lawlessness but it is not doing Mexico's reputation much good.

There are some really nasty comments on this site which crosses the boundary of good taste and decency.

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Elbuda convienently forgot to mention that the "issue with drugs and mafias fighting over power" is supported on both sides by either the american government or the banks. A country he whole heartedly supports in other threads. Hypocracy at its best.

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Mexico is really messed up. It's time for the US to close its borders, or the mexicans will bring this drug-war into americas citys.

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Mexico is a great country! So we have a drug war?? Bloods? Crips? Hell's Angels ring any American bells??

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I have not been to Mexico since 1999, and I was in Juarez. It was not so bad, but I lived in El Paso... More recently, like July of this year I was in Argentina. I visited three cities there and stayed 5 weeks altogether. It felt really unsafe there and I was almost robbed. I will definitely continue to visit Asia instead, I've never felt unsafe there, save for one city, Manila.

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I agree Mexico is a great country but there is no comparing the scale of the bloodshed causedby the cartels to the that caused by gangs in the US. Not to mention the corruption that plagues the law enforcement in Mexico. Where are the citizens to turn to? I'm from Sinaloa and I'm saddened to see it in such a state. Making unfounded accusations that the cartel wars are funded by the US government and banks is irresponsible and alarmist. Amo a mi patria y me duele verla asi.

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Paisa firebird! Great comments! Sinaloa??

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Mexico is loaded with crime, drugs and corruption.... the illegals cross the border and are trying to turn America into the 3rd world country just like Mexico...

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Maybe if all those Americans wouldn't take those drugs, we wouldn't have this problem in Mexico nowadays. It saddens me to see these events in such a beautiful country.

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Foxie, you are 100% correct, Mexico is a beautiful lovely country. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place, to the South we Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, with tons of cocaine ready to make it to the streets of LA, of NYC, MIAMI etc..and to the north we have the USA with too much $$$$ ready to buy up all of these drugs so what are poor guys from the country side in Mexico supposed to do?? Keep growing corn?? Keep growing beans? When the mafia comes to your land and says, here start growing marijuana, can poor farmers say no?? The answer is no, they will get their heads chopped off for not doing the wishes of these evil satanical mafias that are well equipped from all of the drug sales $$$$$ in the USA and then these same evil people will stop at nothing to make more and more $$$ but sadly enough many people in the USA think it is only a Mexican problem or a Colombian problem, but no, if the USA tried to STOP taking so many drugs, stop thinking it was cool to make movies like Pulp Fiction that glorify drug use etc..by Hollywood movies, the rap songs, rock music the tell us that is OK , that it is COOL to light up on marijuana, cocaine etc..bad, bad bad, I am no Bible thumping Christian but I do feel America is missing something that drugs, $$$ can not buy, so because many Americans are lonely, sad etc..they want to get high, or try to forget about their problems etc..by using ILLEGAL DRUGS. Sadly enough it is not only the USA, most of Western Europe and now slowly but surely Japan too.

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FOXIE... yeah sure.. blame USA for the drugs and corruption in Mexico.... and when the Mexican Mafia forces "poor" farmers to stop growing beans and corn and start growin drugs.... WHERE is the MEXICAN POLICE AND GOVT to report things like this??.... NOWHERE!... because the entire police, ferderales and Govt ARE CORRUPT!

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The answer to this is the same as the answer to how to stop the Mafia in the US back in the 1920s. Legalize, regulate, tax and control soft drugs and watch the power of the blood thirsty Mexican cartels evaporate. If you undercut their monopoly on drug distribution you will effectively kill the gold laying goose. Now to change the cultural attitudes that seem to dominate modern Mexicans in regards to law and order...well that will take time. The US is a pull factor for drugs but that doesn't excuse the needless killings being conducted by Mexicans against fellow Mexicans. When someone can drive a tank through the streets of a city and not have anyone bat an eye or when a car bomb goes off in a village and everyone shrugs their shoulders and acts like nothing big has occurred you are dealing with a culture that has failed. I say this after seeing with my own eyes and listening to my many Mexican friends speak about how the public’s attitudes have changes so much over the last 20 years when it comes to violence.

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Mojado...I have to take issue with your statement ".... the illegal’s cross the border and are trying to turn America into the 3rd world country just like Mexico". This is pure US rightwing propaganda and is not true in the least. Most, like 99.99% of those coming to the US both legal and illegal, are doing so to better their lives, just like the immigrants who came to the US back in the 1920s and those in the 1890s, 1850s, 1830s, 1790s, etc etc etc. BTW, there are many places in the US, such as LA, MS, AR, AL and TX that would be considered third world countries all on their own. The answer is to open the boarders and seek to make the economic pull factors less by raising economic conditions in the Latin American economies. But that doesn’t mesh well with the closed mindset of the American right, who would rather turn the US into fortress USA, despite the fact that we are never ever going to be isolationist again.

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@Notasap.... boy are you out of it... Legalize drugs?... that's your answer?.... take a lot at countries that have legalized drugs and look and see what has happened to their society.... AND you want to talk about all Hispanics coming to America to better their lives , Really?... then why are jails and prisons loaded with up to 50% Hispanics.. not to mention the burden on the system when illegals use the emergency room in hospitals and other public services as their private doctors.. then pay nothing when they leave.... Who pays the bill?... US taxpayer!

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Guadalajara is a beautiful city with lots of history. We used to go to Mexico in our van for vacations, but not any more as we do not feel safe. I sure miss good food, accomodations, people, music and culture there. I think ordinary people there feel they are trapped in corrupted government and law enforcement. Sad.

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I feel bad about my country. Crime is getting worse and worse in so many places, not only Mexico. People is getting cold and cruel and caring more about money than the life of their brothers and sisters. I wish the drugs and weapons would never exist, but the only thing we can do is to promote peace and take care of out own humanity.

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