27 suspected in death of French Jew go on trial


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Another public relations exercise for the zionists. There is not such a spectacle or 27 arrested suspects in any other murder case in France. It is sad that a death occurred, and should be treated as such. Not for Jewish political ends.

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27 young people charged with participating in the torture and killing of a young French Jew...“Allah will be victorious.”

Welcome to Eurabia.

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The young person was murdered by these thugs. It matters not what his religion was. The young man was tortured then murdered. These criminals need to pay for their crimes. They hold no sorrow nor concern, hell the leader practically admitted to the crime.

The leader needs to pay with life in prison and the rest with at least 10 years. All should serve their time in a maximum security prison.

I do not believe in the death penalty.

But this is France and I really do not know how they will treat these religious nutz. The French maybe too scared of the Muslim community I do not know.

If anyone is from France and could comment it would be great.

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It matters not what his religion was.

You obviously didn't follow the case. From the start the mainstream Euro media's sanitized, PC version alerted anyone familar with incidents like this that some ugly facts were obviously being kept from the public.

Wall Street Journal:

"Ilan's uncle Rafi Halimi told reporters that the gang phoned the family on several occasions and made them listen to the recitation of verses from the Koran, while Ilan's tortured screams could be heard in the background. "

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" "It matters not what his religion was" "

It certainly does matter when they young jihadis single him out as a Jew and torture him to death to shouts of "Allah will be victorious.”

How in the world do you manage to blank religion out of that one?

This, by the way, is not an isolated case. Jewish communities are increasingly terrorized as the islamic presence in Europe grows.

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Let us discuss this case......

Youssouf Fofana - who admits kidnapping 23-year-old Ilan Halimi but denies killing him - shouted "God is great" in Arabic as he entered the courtroom.

The victim was kidnapped then held by Fofana and his group.

The victim was tortured then murdered while held by this group.

The gang leader fled to the Ivory coast after the murder of the victim.

He and his gang kidnapped and then murdered the victim. It does not matter what religion either were. It matters that they committed a crime and they need to pay dearly for it.

You care about the opinions of others that is all fine and dandy but most likely the murders also had their own opinions. That is why this young man was murdered.

Opinions just get you mad and cloud your judgment. Opinions are also held by lynch mobs. Justice is not dispensed by lynch mobs, lynch mobs just create martyrs.

Get away from opinions and go for the facts of the case.

Nothing else matters but Justice.......

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If religion goes to establishing motive, then I think religion does matter. However, I would agree that the crime is not more heinous because of religion.

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If religion were banned, do you think this would have happened? I don't.

Religion is the most dangerous thing man has ever created. This is just one case that shows so.

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Its really sad to see so few posts on this today. If it were the other way around, this board would be flying.

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skipthe song: Why, however tragic it are only one person, not big news at all.

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skipthe song: Why, however tragic it are only one person, not big news at all." If it were a French person or Jewish person/group who did this to a Muslim, the world media would be screaming. I haven't seen this on any major network from the UK or US and we have lots of news feeds coming through here.

"beating &sexually tormenting him, and scrawling 'dirty Jew' and 'dirty faggot' on his face" yet, they are being hailed as heroes in some sectors of France. And why isn't Iran getting notice of this? After all, while he was Jewish, he was Iranian too.

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"yet, they are being hailed as heroes in some sectors of France"

They are hailed with disgust, horror and contempt in all parts of France, as they are in the rest of the civilized world. Their might be a few muslim imports in the French slums that think that what they did to this poor human being was great, but they rest a tiny minority that deserve nothing but death themselves.

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"Another public relations exercise for the zionists."

No, it's an outrage what they did to theis man, no matter what religion either the victim or the perps..

"There is not such a spectacle or 27 arrested suspects in any other murder case in France."

That's perhaps because kidnapping, torture, torture of the familes by proxy and murder aren't everyday occurances...

"It is sad that a death occurred, and should be treated as such. Not for Jewish political ends"

Frankly, I can't believe your hate-inciting post is up there still....then again, we see it everyday on JT.

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Study cites dramatic rise in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe

By Assaf Uni, Haaretz Correspondent 30/03/2009

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"Welcome to Eurabia."

Again, another particulalry stupid comment.

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Fofana’s lawyer, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, said her client was “mistreated by a political and religious marketing campaign.”

Amazing. This Marxist dingbat is engaged to Carlos the Jackal, recent convert to Islam, currently incarcerated in France.

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Heh, for the first time ever I think I agree with you my boy. I'm sure the court will take note of Isa's past....

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This is a big deal. Jews in Europe, especially the ones who are easily identifiable (because they wear a kippa for instance) are bearing the brunt of the hatred of the islamic nutjobs.

France needs to make a stand to make sure this never happens again and that those who planned such barbaric actions receive the harshest penalties.

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"Welcome to Eurabia."

Again, another particulalry stupid comment." No, your refusal to accept that is stupid.

If you like the idea of living under a religious law, then I guess its not.

Moderator: Readers, please stop sniping at each other.

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Again, another particulalry stupid comment.

It's not like this is an isolated incidence of Muslim violence in Europe. Best deal with the reality rather than just dismissing it as a "stupid comment".

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ah yes religion the great divider(when practiced by humans)"my gods better than you god..naa naa na naa na)Grow up.

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life in prison for ALL involved, this is about as disgusting as humanity(?) can get.

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Good luck to France.

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