28 people, including 22 children, die in Swiss bus accident


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oh, what a horrible disaster. poor kids.. RIP. lately Ive been hearing this sort of news

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Wow...what a tragedy. RIP to all that died. I also feel so bad for the parents that get 'that dreaded' phone call. That has got to be pure hell for them.

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" the Valais police commander said the tragedy was “unprecedented” and that even seasoned rescuers had been traumatised."

How can anyone be surprised looking at the images of that bus? What a horrific job some people do.


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Madverts...what bus picture?

RIP kids

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There's a pic of the bus on a Brit tabloid web site. It's a mess. Tragic. I suspect a blown front tire but since both of the drivers are dead I wonder if we'll ever know. Poor people. The only good news is that there was no fire.

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