3 dead, 12 wounded in Strasbourg Christmas market shooting


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Just tell us his name and we’ll know what’s up.

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France has been hit by several extremist attacks, including the 2015 Paris shootings, which killed 130 people and wounded hundreds, and a truck attack in Nice that killed dozens in 2016.

It's almost Orwellian how the media no longer names the ideology behind these attacks. Imagine how cryptic this article would be if you had just woke up from a 20 year comma and weren't familiar with modern euphemisms like 'extremist'. Reading this article, you'd have no way of knowing whether it was extremist stamp collectors or extreme cyclists who had launched attacks in Paris and Nice in 2015/2016 over postal prices or better bicycle lanes.

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We were visiting family in Germany in Dec 2010 and the Strasbourg Christmas market was the only one close enough we could find still open after Christmas. Good memories from that trip. Heart goes out to that community, the latest to experience an active shooting in a very public place.

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Gendarmes went to the suspect's home to arrest him earlier Tuesday, before the attack, but he wasn't there, Morisse said. They found explosive materials, he said.

So police were onto him but didn't get to him in time. "He wasn't home" --perhaps they had strong evidence that he was supposed to be, and he got tipped off last-minute, but it's such a flaccid-sounding reason.

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France is a mess.  Messiah Macron turning out to be a paper tiger.  A bit like the French Tony Bliar.

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French media are reporting -

"The assalians is Cherif C, a 29 years old man of North African origins (2nd generation immigrant)."

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Frances military is active all over the world killing people. Terrorists should not target civilians. Targeting the military is not OK, but those innocent people have families and children love Christmas. I hate violence.

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The first victim reported is a Thai tourist... targeting the biggest christmas market in the world is just shooting at happy tourists... there is nothing politic there.

The guy was supposed to be arrested on the morninig, before the attack for trying to racket someone and kill them. he is probably just a low life criminal who rather wanted to go out with a bang (he also had explosives at home).

He was born in Strasbourg, so no need to start all debate about refugee and stuff..thank you.

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WakarimasenToday 10:32 am JST

France is a mess. Messiah Macron turning out to be a paper tiger. A bit like the French Tony Bliar.

I fail to see the link with the story though.

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I am getting really tired of all this refugee comments... the guy was born and raised in Strasbourg, more precisely in the Hohberg... it's were cheap workers were "parcked" in the 70's, when France didn't have enough people to do the hard work / low pay jobs and were lot of people from North Africa came, dreaming of better life in France.

There were not refugee..they were cheap labour France wanted. France didn't want to pay them good enough they can have a decent life, and lot of the kids of people parked in this Area, might they be uneducated Alsacian descent, people fleeing from Eastern Europe after the Wall collapsed or more recently people from the Balkan, are ending up in crime and violence because they have no other way of making money... that's sad, but poor people have more chance to turn to crime to survive i guess ?

Now, these days ISIS (and before Al quaida) are pretty fashionable to act as a badass in these area, doesn't matter if you actually believe in the religion or not, and the religion itself has nothing to do with it. Maybe one day people will start understanding a bit more the root of the problem instead of just making it a cultural or religious thing... this guy was completly french.

or if not, how many generation do you have to go back, are all the Americans comenting on it at least 3rd generation americans ? no grand-parents were born somewhere else ? otherwise you are just the same...

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Europe is suffering terrorist attacks as a direct result of its acceptance of immigrants and refugees that refuse to adopt the culture and practices of the country to which they emigrate and, in many cases, do it in the name of a religion that seemingly cannot be criticized under any circumstances.

And this is from those that profess to be enlightened and supportive of rigorous intellectual thought and curiousity.

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Europe is suffering terrorist attacks as a direct result of its acceptance of immigrants and refugees that refuse to adopt the culture and practices of the country to which they emigrate and, in many cases, do it in the name of a religion that seemingly cannot be criticized under any circumstances.

This is disingenous.

The terror attacks are caused by a tiny percentage of fanatics. Just the type that the migrants are trying to get away from.

And that religion is criticised under every circumstance and opportunity of every second of every minute of every day, so you're incorrect there as well.

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Quote: "The attack revived memories of a new millennium terror plot targeting Strasbourg's Christmas market. Ten suspected Islamic militants were convicted and sentenced to prison in December 2004 for their role in a plot to blow up the market on the New Year's Eve ushering in 2000. The Algerian and French-Algerian suspects — including an alleged associate of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden — went on trial in October on charges they were involved in the foiled plot for the attack.They were sentenced to prison terms ranging from one to nine years."

Nice short, cushy sentences. Not enough to put others off, I reckon, including this latest disaffected criminal tosspot.

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Some posters just won't let get reality into the way they react to news like this. Please allow yourselves to be educated. This sad incident has nothing to do with refugees or recent immigrants.

North-Africans were accepted to France as cheap labourers, stuck into crammy flats in the banlieues and when economy faltered, the banlieues became ghetto-like suburbs. No way to get a job with an address like that, no help in getting a decent education, thus many youths took the only way out in committing crimes like robbing stores and breaking cars to steal whatever seemed of value. Getting nicked resulted in being put in prison cells fitted for six but stuffed with 9 or more young angry guys. One islamist preacher among them would be enough to convince most others that they had been deprived of their chances because the Western Way were the enemy.

That's how terrorists are made. Religion alone won't suffice, it merely acts as a fertilizer on barren ground and desperate seedlings. Give the seedlings the water of knowledge, education and a proper chance in life!

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