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3 dead, 4 missing, at least 150 homes destroyed in Australian bushfires

By Will Ziebell

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Peoples who deliberately lit fire are heartless peoples. Many families have lost homes and some peoples have lost lives. Also Koala, Possum, Kangaroo and other native animals have lost their habitat. What they have gained from that kind of stupid action?

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Australia's a big country. At the exact moment I first clicked on this news story yesterday it was 11 degrees centigrade, middle of the afternoon. The heavens down here in Melbourne opened and rain and hail started clattering down on the roof, while I'm looking at pictures of regional towns bathed in a weird orange glow from these horrendous bushfires caused or at least exacerbated by the ongoing drought in those parts of the country.

It's a 90% certainty that at some time in the coming summer it will be our turn down here in the south to have fires, we can only hope that neither those fires or these ones currently in New South Wales cause any more loss of life. Like many people in Australia, I have personal friends who have either suffered the destruction of their houses or who could suffer such a loss on the wrong day. Fingers crossed. And a big shoutout to the brave men and women who fight these fires, most of them volunteers.

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This is one of Australia's worst bushfire seasons and it is occurring even before the start of the southern hemisphere summer

Seems daily, there are headlines somewhere about record breaking temperatures, rains, drought, and wildfires.

This week one of the strongest storms ever recorded was in the pacific (the 5th super typhoon this year) ... only went largely unnoticed because it wasn't heading towards land.

But all the events together show a VERY strong trend that 'leaders' have a moral duty to stop ignoring.


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