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3 Dutch soldiers shot outside hotel in Indianapolis


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Indianapolis?! They should have gone to Ukraine, where it's safer.

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As we have learned from the conflict in Ukraine, WW I & II and many others, professional soldiers do not automatically equate to the "good guys". Until we get further details, we do not know who was in the right. Those soldiers could have been trying to untangle the altercation, or they could have been causing trouble. It is a little easier to let loose when soldiers are away for some overseas training with very little over site.

Either way, they crossed paths with the wrong folks.

If the specific details are not released later then it more likely that it was the soldiers fault. It will be slid under the rug. If the specifics are later released then the investigators believe they have enough evidence to fault someone else.

Let's see what the evidence reveals.

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I am going venture a guess as to the motive.

A recent incident in Canada had a less deadly/dangerous outcome when the Dutch flag was mistaken for the Russian flag at a pro Ukraine rally, the Dutch supporters of Ukraine had to be protected by security and police.

If these guys were in military uniform with the Dutch flag on it (as is quite common lately) then start looking for a very anti Russian person with a gun and that doesn't know the difference between the two countries flags.

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I would bet my bank balance it was mini mobsters that are spineless cowards, unless carrying a firearm. If this was the case, things would have been much different if the mini mobsters weren’t armed.

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Foreign troops no longer wear uniforms in public because of the dangers of terrorist attacks. The three Dutch soldiers were off duty and probably out of uniform. The three had an argument with the suspect who opened fire.

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Something drug related?

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Sven AsaiToday 03:10 pm JST

Something drug related

You can bet it's beer related, cmon they are dutch

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Jeans and T-shirt

Unless the shooters were in genuine fear for their lives, their actions were unjustified. Who knows? Perhaps they were, but if that were the case they probably would have stuck around.

You nor anyone here knows what happened. What I see is people taking the side of 3 white soldiers (assuming native Dutch) and assuming the other person(s) is a minority prone to criminality.

I would bet my bank balance it was mini mobsters that are spineless cowards, unless carrying a firearm. If this was the case, things would have been much different if the mini mobsters weren’t armed.

This more about you and some others on the is article.

The only thing known at this point is that these soldiers got shot!

If anyone here can prove that these soldiers are innocent victims then let's see the evidence. Until then the person who fired the shots are innocent until proven guilty.

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When in another country always be humble!

To the posters, do not be so fast to support 3 Dutch soldiers? Were they drunk or high at 3AM? These guys could of picked a fight with someone. I've seen it many times with solider boys as a serviceman.

In addition, the Dutch are culturally racists towards people of color in particular people of African decent.

Wounds of Dutch history expose deep racial divide


If you have visited the Netherlands like I have during the holidays, you will know that "Black Pete" is a racist and ignorant holiday!

If they brought that racist attitude to the US and directed it at the wrong person then it is easy to see how things could gotten out of hand.

If they started it, a 3-on-1 fight could justify a self-defense plea in the court of law.

If they were trying to buy drugs because they usually get high back home in the Netherlands then they were breaking the law.

I am leaning towards the 3 soldiers being partly at fault.

They are not completely innocent!

4 ( +6 / -2 )

Jeans and T-shirtToday  07:47 am JST

Yeah. Fewer guns.

Fewer criminals?

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

How do you reckon you preserve legal gun ownership while disarming criminals? Genuine question.

You don't, that would be a paradox. You cannot get rid of guns, without getting rid of guns. Illegal guns start as legal guns, so unless you get rid of legal guns, you cannot get rid of illegal guns.

This is simple logic, and has nothing to do with law. It's just a basic fact of existence.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

Another day, another shooting … this madness has to stop!

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