5 killed as car plows into Beijing's Tiananmen Square


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Apparently the incident has been wiped from Chinese cyberspace.

Check out the new "tanks" - ambulance-resembling armored Chevvy vans - that turned up in Tiananmen Sq:

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No hiding a foreign casualty...

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Tiananmen Square is a symbol of the autocratic Chinese Communist Party. It will play a key role when the communist regime collapses.

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Does not seem deliberate but we won't know until all the facts are brought to light. RIP to the dead victims. Speedy recovery to the injured.

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Chinese police have a microblog?

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Guess we won't know what happened for sure. If the car had exploded then yeah, probably terrorists. But if it was a traffic accident then it's a tragedy but not an attack.

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Why add "the site of 1989 pro-democracy protests bloodily suppressed by the government."?

Like if people were intentionally targeting this place. This is political issues happen. People start blaming other people and before you know it, it's blown way out of proportion.

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this could be deliberate but not against particular targets like Philippines or Japanese tourists. It is just indiscriminate for the driver might probably went ballistic for what kind of life he/she has.

This is an act of defiance to the Chinese government. They are bored and angry at the society molded by the Chinese Communist Party.

There were several instances before where the suspects poured gasoline into tourists bus and made wheelchair bombs in the airport as an act of discontentment towards bureaucracy, red-tape, social-injustice in China.

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