2 sisters found alive under bodies in car after shooting in French Alps


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This is tragic. I wonder what the motive would be for such a crime. I hope they catch the perps and extract the information.

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Witnesses. Better put guards at the hospital.

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The driver was Saad al-hilli

From Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom Aviation & Aerospace Consultant.

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Apparently even a helicopter with thermal imaging didn't pick up the little one.

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Zichi, according to The Guardian:

The elder girl found near the car had been beaten and suffered a fractured skull, said Maillaud. She was taken by helicopter to Grenoble hospital, where he said she "seems to be pulling through".

Poor kids.

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Wow...a shooting like this does happen in Europe but not often. It's sad that it happened there as well as many other places in the world. Sad for these children and the whole family. Yes, as mentioned before, JT please let us know when you receive updates on this story. Really want to know what the motive behind this was. Sad.

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"Why on earth were the bodies left there that long?"

Read the article!

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Eight hours?? Why on earth were the bodies left there that long? What about the sister? How old is she and was she found at the same time?? Poor kids.

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"The young girl was in the car under her dead mothers body for 8 hours, with cops standing around waiting"

Apparently she was frozen in fear and the local police didn't want to disturb the crime scene so didn't actually know she was there until the scientific people actually moved the pile of bodies.

A lot of Brits that come to France think the Gendarmes are asleep, and many of them ended up in jail here for thinking that. The Gendarmes are actually part of the army anyway rather than a traditional police force.

It looks like the perp(s) had no compunction slaying the cyclist who I presume was an accidental witness to the carnage. I'm still betting clandestines with no compunction for human life did this, if they actually get nabbed.

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Inspector Clouseau on this case? The young girl was in the car under her dead mothers body for 8 hours, with cops standing around waiting. Tragic and brutal case, hope the girls can make some sort of recovery from this.

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The older sister cannot be much older, yet this creature shot her.

Its lucky the four year old was not in a child seat or there is no doubt it would have shot her too.

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THis is all over the radio news here. Horrible, tragic event... Those poor children will be traumatised, but I hope they get the help they need.

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This isn't the first time this has happened to British tourists, the last time nobody was caught.

This kind of violence here beggars belief, surely the only logical motive at this point is a robbery, I can only see eastern Europeans carrying out this kind of massacre.

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This kind of crazy violence is not supposed to happen in such beautiful places! RIP

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Holy crap that is insane. Thank goodness her sister also survived but wow what a terrible tragedy. JT please stay on this story.

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I'm glad she is okay. I hope her age will be an advantage in that she will be able to forget what she witnessed. Poor child :(

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