3-meter shark kills surfer off Australia's east coast


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Watched a random surf doc about Puerto Escondido during lockdown. The bonus features profiled the director riding with a camera. One chilling still photo showed a 2 or 3 meter shark sitting midway up a cresting wave right next to the director. I wonder if he made any other surf movies after that?

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Massive tissue loss results in death from blood loss on the beach in most cases. Victims rarely make it to a hospital. RIP.

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I'm a pretty good swimmer, but I'm from a rather cold & dreary part of the world. One time I was visiting a tropical 3rd world country on a free airline ticket swimming in a large bay all by myself. It was great. Hot sun, palm trees, scorpions and iguanas on the sandy beach, deep blue water, being lifted up and down. It was a tropical paradise and completely new and alien to me. Anyway, I began swimming out, maybe a couple hundred meters, and then I noticed a yacht in the distance going back and forth across the mouth of the bay. This yacht had some writing and artwork on the side of it, but it was too far away to make out what it was so I decided to swim closer to it. By the time I was close enough to read it, the people on the beach behind me looked like ants, but I was now able to make out what this boat had on the side of it as it was motoring back and forth across the mouth of the bay. "Shark Watch" with a big picture of a shark with its mouth wide open on the front of it. Suddenly I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she says, "I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" as my mind simultaneously began to play the opening scene of Jaws when the woman is eaten alive. Needless to say I turned around while trying not to freak out too much and swam back without splashing around. Later I checked about that area and read that there were numerous shark attacks in that area, which is particularly well known for the tiger shark.

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Generally speaking there are ways to avoid shark attacks, such as wearing a wetsuit that is patterned so you don't look like food to a shark. However, just like people, not all sharks or any other type of animal are completely right in the head and some can do unexpected things. I would never swim in waters known for shark attacks if I could avoid it. Life is risk but I cannot see playing in the sea to be worth the risk. Maybe others can.

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That part of the East coast has seen an increase in attacks, without fatalities, in the past 10 years.

It is near Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point.

I don't know whether that fact is significant....maybe sharks follow electro magnetic lines and the encroaching eastern continent brings land based humans and sharks together.

I don't know be gentle in your sarcasm.

The day of the attack was storm cloudy and grey, and mullet fish were running.

A sharky day ....

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