3 Seattle officers shot; 1 suspect dead, 2 in custody


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Thank you to all officers and emergency service workers involved. Hopefully those injured will fully recover.

The citizens of Seattle will once more pay the costs of the 'freedom' of gun ownership. How many other gun related crimes were committed in Seattle today? How much will this police operation cost? How about the medical care? The court fees? What public services had to be dropped to deal with another gun related incident?

The gun manufacturers and gun sales outlets will continue to profit and as a result of this and other shootings will probably see current gun owners buy additional weapons and ammo to add to their arsenal.


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Another day in the American shooting gallery and the tragic death of people and loss of loved ones.

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That second amendment at work again serving the best interests of the American people.

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As someone said recently, it just never ends.

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Okay, so what we’re talking about is three teenagers who decided to rob a 7 – eleven in broad daylight right in the middle of downtown Seattle. When their escapade was interrupted by the police, they attempted to flee and engaged the police in physical combat including assault with a deadly weapon. Two ended up in custody and one died, presumably of injuries sustained in a gunfight with police. The two in custody are facing numerous felony charges including first degree murder. All in all, it was a pretty bad day for our would be robbers and is a clear example of poor decision making.

Getting an idea about what motivated these kids to do such an obviously stupid thing or even examining the relationship between age and risky behavior, would be more interesting and possibly more enlightening than beating the 2nd Amendment dead horse all over again.

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I continue to wonder why cops do not lobby to get guns off of the street. Instead, for the most part in spite of union busting they vote conservative and are NRA members.

Could it be something as simplistic as job security? Could it be the mental acuity level of those who are itching to play the role?

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Just another day in 'Merika. God bless our guns!

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