3 teens fatally shot on Chicago's South Side


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Teenage street violence in chicago up with 3 teen victims.

No good news for chicago crime free efforts.

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Chicago South Side = ghetto. I've lived there for a while (unfortunately, U of Chicago is located in Hyde Park), and I'm surprised this is international news. I was hearing gunshots almost every night, and one of y colleagues was gunned down on the university stairs, by mistake apparently. People are killed/raped every week there.

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If people are being shot and killed ever day in the USA, bringing fear to a lot of citizens then I have to say that the NRA are nothing more than legal Terrorists,Australia had a Gun problem they did something about it!! But we all know the Americans don't like looking in their own back yard.

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Chicago (city) has a no-gun law. I believe for rifles you need a permit, generally no guns allowed in Chicago = Your NRA statement really doesn't make sense.

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The US has gun control laws. Criminals are not allowed by law to have them. However, criminals normally don't follow laws, because then they wouldn't be convicted felons.

If Chicago (like DC had) does have a law that says you can't own a handgun, then people who have intentions to do harm will have them. They are not going to go to the local police precint and tell them that they are registering the gun to do criminal activity.

As an law abiding citizen, I don't have a gun in my home, but I do like the fact that I have the right to go out and buy one if I feel that the crimes in my area are getting out of hand. That does not mean I can carry one and conduct vigilante justice, but that means I have the right to defend my property if someone decides to rob me.

So all of this, "ban all guns" really doesn't fly in my opinion.

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Guns are designed for one thing only TO KILL, and therefore the KILLING will continue in the USA and even South Africa,the right to bare arms in the USA has been taken out of context in todays society unless Americans still believe in being gun whirling cowboys as timeon says he herd gun shots every night, bullets have to land or go somewhere and most of the time into someone, bullet proof vests will soon be the fashion, or take Chris rocks advise just charge USD5000/- per bullet!! "dam why did you duck"

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sad thing. It is a pity the land of the free cannot control the crime. I hope Obama does something for the welfare of the nation.

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the right to bare arms in the USA has been taken out of context

Everyone has the right to wear a short-sleeved tshirt or a tank-top if they want, not just in America.

Its also safe to say that Mexico and Columbia saw twice the number of shootings as the US

No it isn't, at least not according to nationmaster. Granted Columbia is second only to South Africa, but the US in 4th place with 9369 murders with firearms is way above Mexico in 6th place, with 2606. On a per capita basis Columbia is still way out ahead, but with the US at 0.028 per 1,000 and Mexico at 0.034, there's not that much difference. Certainly not 'twice the number of shootings'.

'We're not as bad as a third-world country run by drug barons and with the second-highest murder rate in the world' is on a par with 'We're not as bad as Saddam Hussein and his winsome sons' in terms of lack of pride. Look up, not down!

Chicago, isn't that the place that wants the Olympics? Maybe that's why this is 'international news'.

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This really isn't international news. It's just put here to start a pro/anti-gun debate to get hits to the site.

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Chicago, Obama-sama's adopted hometown and the Land of Lincoln has a higher gun death rate than Iraq (which has more guns).

You are looking at least 1 adult firearm death per day on average with a teen firearm death rate of about 1/2 the adult rate. =So 3 teens dieing in one day is out of the average. Injuries from firearms are going to be higher. If you want to learn how to Doctor gunshot victims, Chicago, DC and Philadelphia would all be good choices.

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"If Chicago (like DC had) does have a law that says you can't own a handgun, ..."

BTW, Chicago DOES have an ordinance against handgun possession and ownership within the city limits. You can own a long-barrelled gun (such as a rifle or a shotgun) but a resident of Chicago cannot lawfully own a handgun (pistol).

Doesn't stop people who are not too keen on obeying laws from possessing a handgun though...

Let's just hope that IF (and that is an IF) Chicago gets the 2016 games, that there aren't too many gunshot/violent crime victims... and heaven forbid, let's not have a repeat of what happened in Atlanta (Centennial Park Bombing).

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I think we should follow the NRA's example and start passing out AK-47's to every person in America. The streets will be free of crime and every living person.

Ok this has been happening in America for the last 50 years and no one has given a darn. I was surprised to read this and I hope that more light will be shined on these kinds of stories. We need to get guns off the streets in America and for good. No guns mean less violence.

Waiting for the NRA backers to reply to my "just say no to guns".

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