3 wounded in Texas college shooting


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But remember the bigger threat is from government tanks rolling into school.

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Texas?? They really love the NRA down there so should we be surprised??

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Probably a gang banger-related shootout. But that will all end once every gang member in America heeds Obama's call and registers their guns.


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Thanks for the sarcastic remarks, I am sure all of the victims of gun shootings in the USA will love your comments, ROMEO!

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It started as an argument between two men, only one was a student.

" Witnesses reported seeing two men arguing in a small courtyard between the library and the Academic Building when one man pulled a gun and shot the student, sending dozens scurrying for cover.

The student was shot three times and is reportedly in critical condition at Ben Taub General Hospital.

The gunman also received a gunshot wound, and a maintenance worker was hit in the leg from what the Harris County sheriff's office said was "crossfire."

Carlton Berry, 22, has been charged with aggravated assault, the sheriff's office said. Spokesman Alan Bernstein said Berry remained hospitalized. No other identities were available.

Authorities had not confirmed whether only one man had a gun and fired. "

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This story's already off the MSM radar here in the states because it did not fits its aganda: no lone crazed white guy involved using a scary gun. They know the dems can't capitalize on this story.


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In Texas ?

No way ! There are a bunch of "good guys with guns" in that state. According to NRA, something like this will never happen when everyone is armed. Hopefully some people wake up and come to their senses because of this.

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