3 young girls killed in Mexico border attack


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A sad state of affairs.

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This just makes me sick, sick to my Mexican stomach! I think I have posted here before and I will post it again, these heartless, SATANIC drug dealers in Mexico etc..are lower than dog crap. Why are they killing these poor, innocent children? Some kind of revenge? Some kind of Satanic ritual? Not sure, do not care, but I hope Mr. Obama can help us out in Mexico, because this stupid mess is also caused by all the ILLEGAL DRUG CONSUMPTION north of the Mexico/US border. All of these drugs are sold for BILLIONS and BILLIONS of $$$$ in the USA, and these drug dealers have no heart, no mercy to kill little children playing in their own yards, I really hope and pray these evil bastards are brought to justice soon and that they burn, burn in hell for all of eternity. RIP little girls now dead there in Juarez.

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What makes somebody such a lowlife to shoot at children and how does a country degenerate to this level of lawlessness in the 21st century?

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