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30 killed in Nigeria by 2 girl suicide bombers


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Two girls blew themselves up on Monday near a crowded mosque..

Girls can kill as easily as boys. Boys as easily as men.

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Suicide means willingly taking your own life. And 'blowing yourself up' is a proactive event with grammatical implications that the perpetrator is wholly responsible. If anyone for a moment believes that these children were willing participants in this atrocity, they are as delusional as the Boko Haram fanatics. These girls were tortured and extorted into performing this crime, they are not to blame as the title and and reflexive pronouns in the text would suggest.

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Certainly won't sit well with Allah and as onomatopoeia suggests they were not likely willing human bomb volunteers. With the failure of the second bomber indicate she tried to escape and a remote trigger detonated her package. These ISIS affiliated groups all must be crushed.

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that's exactly what i was thinking as i read the article, onoma. there was no free will here for the girls. in fact, one of them even ran away from the mosque to try to escape. in some ways, these girls are better off. these terrorists will no longer be able to hurt them.

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Very, very sad to read what you say nakanoguy! The girls have are better off. So sad to agree with that statement. Boko haram and their ISIS partners need to be expelled from humanity. It's the leaders who need to be extinguished. The region clearly works under dictators suggesting the common people need to be controlled.

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Not sure why my comment got so many downrates.

Anyone care to explain?

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'Black Sabbath', you need to read the article again and understand what is going on in that part of the world. The girl that ran away most likely did so because she knew she was going to die BUT she was not going to do so with the guilt of harming others even though she herself had most likely been tortured and forced to wear that bomb to do those nutters' work.

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Those savages are at it again. Boko-haram- not the girls. First they systematically kidnapped them, raped them & now forcing them to achieve their extreme political goals / fanatical religion by becoming suicide bombers. Lovely.

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Know Better

Yeah, I got that. And still the point stands:

Girls can kill as easily as boys. Boys as easily as men.

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