30 kph max: Paris shrinks speed limit to protect climate


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"Protect climate" on this one is a load of BS

Driving slower in a city does not create less overall pollution since less gas is not burned. if anything, the opposite may be true.

On a highway, yes, staying at a lower highway speed (about 100kph, 60mph, though this is generally rather "high" for Japanese highways) is most efficient due to a combination of factors that exist in most cars (but not all) including wind resistance and gear ratio. Its also very important to maintain a steady speed.

But in a city, where maintaining a steady speed is unlikely and how wind resistance is a limiting factor, going slower may cause more pollution actually since it means staying in lower gears with higher engine revs so more gas is burned, not to mention it means running the engine for a longer time due to needing more time to cover the same distance.

So slower may be safer and may be quieter, but it isn't more efficient.

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load of BS.

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They implemented 20mph around my home city cantre. No one really sticks to it but those that do are constantly looking at the speedo which is dangerous in itself.

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I didnt really understand until I got to this part.

Under Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the Paris city government

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More nonsense by the socialist nutter running Paris. How'd the national 80kph speed limit work out again?

How much did replacing every sign in the country to 80 and the back to 90 when it was a colossal monstrous failure?

Say it what it is - an easier way to squeeze cash from motorists.

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Unfortunately neither Jetset Kerry nor these pinprick gestures will be enough to arrest climate change, let alone reverse it.

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Does the new speed limit also apply to EVs?

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I've ridden a motorcycle all over Paris and cannot even imagine riding that slow there. Parisian traffic reminded me of Los Angeles, fast and dense but mostly competent with lots of motorcycles filtering between the lanes. Also surprised at one comment on a 90 kph speed limit. Did that apply to motorways? My recollection is they are, or at least were, posted at 130 kph like those in most other European nations. The Dutch had a 120 kph limit (with police in Porsches enforcing it !) and German Autobahns had a 100 kph in urban areas and no speed limit in rural areas.

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I’m all for driving more slowly-safer and more relaxing…

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