30 million girls risk genital mutilation: UNICEF


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Meanwhile, male genital mutilation continues unabated in America, and removal of the labia is gaining popularity in the west for "aesthetic reasons".

There are different types of FGM, and most girls getting it get the more mild types, on par with male circumcision. But admitting that and differentiating would deny the ability to make the headline of "30 million", and in the next decade no less.

The extreme forms of FGM are done only by the insane. And the insane are not so many and they are not going to change.

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and we are fussed about veil wearing? although this could be seen as an extreme expression of the code of values that prescribe what women wear.....

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Should be caressed, not mutilated.

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Men in that part of the world do not really like women.

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Should be caressed, not mutilated.

Its usually children getting this done.

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A barbaric assault on girls by barbaric cultures and nations. A boycott against these backward Africans would be a worthwhile consideration until they correct their rotten "culture" and start viewing females as human.

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start viewing females as human.

Females themselves insist on having this done to themselves and their daughters. They think the barbaric are those who don't do this.

A boycott against these backward Africans

Boycott what?

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It's on the rise in Britain, and yet the authorities chose to do nothing for fear of upsetting "community relations." There hasn't been a single conviction despite tough laws, and the people in power deliberately hush it up.

Now THAT is disgusting.

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Is Egypt also an African country?? I guess technically they are on that same continent, but Arabs are Arabs and Blacks are Blacks but wow!! 91% of Egyptian women get their panochas mutilated?? I somehow thought Egypt was a bit more "advanced" than say its poorer "backwards" countries like Somalia, etc..surprise, surprise?? One thing not mentioned in this article is that many of these so called "backwards" countries do this to little girls to "protect" their virginity, the panochita is all sown up so as to prevent intercourse through the vagina, so let me guess what our African amigos resort to?? Skip the vagina and go for the anus??

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@ Scott Johnson - a boycott against the $ Billions our rich nations - through their taxpayers - throw their way yearly would be a start. And I would challenge the idea that little girls "insist" on being permanently mutilated, often killing them in the process. Only backward and misogynistic "cultures" allow this practice to happen.

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@Scott Johnson "Meanwhile, male genital mutilation continues unabated in America"

Akuma has come to find that it's usually men who have never been circumcised who like to call it "mutilation"in order to justify their not being "mutilated "..Anywaysy, , Just ask women what they prefer. A mutilated or unmutilated penis. Akumas guess is overwhelmingly they will choose mutilated penis.

Yes Akuma has been mutilated. And he is very thankful for it.. it is much easier to clean, there is never that cheesy smell , sexual sensation is much greater, and the risk of contracting AIDS is greatly reduced. Don't believe Akuma just google it.

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