34 killed in two jihadist attacks in Burkina Faso


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Awful. Where are the UN?

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If Jihadists have nicked 40% of your country, you aren't much of a 'strongman'.

Quoting: Awful. Where are the UN?

The UN don't have the firepower to deal with Jihadists and have not had much success in Africa over the years. The toxic mix of tribalism, factionalism, corruption and poverty, played out in searing heat, with no reliable local entities, is almost impossible to navigate. Pick a warlord as a puppet, UN-supported ruler, and they will use it as an excuse to commit genocide.

The best the UN can do is supply food and medicine to ordinary people trying to survive, working with the very brave individuals who are in these nations working for global humanitarian agencies. Next time you see someone shaking a tin to help fund them, consider supporting them. For the price of a fancy barista coffee, you may be able to save a child's life.

Africa, the Middle East and South America are increasingly reverting to failed, violent, tribalised states, with large areas out of government control, the ordinary people trying to stay alive and make a living as best they can. The pandemic has just made it worse. That's why ecologies are cannibalised for essentials or burned for farmland and why so many people migrate, looking for a place to live safely. There are now permanent 'tent cities' scattered across the planet, supported by the UN and other agencies.

Too much of the 'developing world' has stopped developing and is starting to unravel. We should not have taken peace and civil society for granted as much as we have done.

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