At least 43 killed in Nepal bus crash


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Yo!! I'm never going to Nepal. Plane crashes and bus accidents. I lost someone close to me 2 years ago in that Nepal airplane crash. Only 1 year later another plane went down. Now this story. Their government really needs to ensure the safety of tourists visiting their nation.

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They can't fix anything, Nepal is too poor.

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Agreed with you guys, we need to prioritize for road safety but plan crash and bus accident happens sometime; it is an accident, the country is blessed with such a nature it is hard sometime to prevent I wish Nepal did not had those huge giant mountains then things might have been different along with that those who makes road they do pilot testing in Nepal so it not 100% proof. It is just an irony folk sorry about it

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Who said Nepal is poor country??? Nepal is so rich country plenty of natural resources and beauty which attracts millions of people ever years from around the world, rich hearted and friendly people you will never get's accident which occur everywhere in earth either it is in Russia Chaina America where ever..., Nepal is a developing country and struggling it's infrastructure inside the country for it's and it's people development.

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No need to get so defensive about your country being poor or not, the fact is that 43 people are dead, at least 43 people will never ever live to see another day, this is very sad, and maybe one day can get help from rich countries like say....JAPAN to help them fix their roads and buses we do not have to read about such terrible and sad accidents. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and RIP.

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