3,800 Unification Church couples wed in mass ceremony


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The historical coupling numbers given at "wikipedia" are about a tenth of what is stated here. But maybe here is a key to the unification of north and south KR. As the neighbors are incapable, change has to come from the inside of the country.

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Looks like a cult to me

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Various sources indicate the N.Korean twisted version of Christianity, Korean's super ego to be the center of cultures through self-proclaiming Messianic concept, and Copying Japanese Imperial system into Moon's blood lineage are the core doctrine of the church. Mr. Moon originated from N.Korea, studied in Japan, and claimed to be the third Adam who would bring salvation to humanity under Korean cultural's perspective. There are plenty history of deceptive practices in church funding activities, even Moon was jailed in the U.S. It seems followers worship the Moon family as sacred beings almost as God! The Moon family members encounters accidents, deaths, divorce that are justified under church special interpretation. Historically speaking, these type of cult movements come and go since symbolic acts do not meet with substance. Followers are duped with idealistic of church indoctrination to replace their owns consciences and value systems ( a gradual brain washing system employs in N.Korea). These poor souls pay the prices to follow their dear leaders as the church operates under the disguise of religious freedom! To mislead young minds as such are terrible.

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nut cases in mass

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What a weird bunch of people.

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Correction: Kawaii

Ya'll lame. At least wish the newly weds happiness.

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dcog It is a cult. Called the Moonies. Moon was a visionary.

Many were personally matched by Moon, who taught that romantic love led to sexual promiscuity, mismatched couples and dysfunctional societies.

we can see how well this works in countries like India and Pakistan.....

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Michael Schroder, a 20-year-old from London, said he had been “extremely nervous” before being paired off with his new Japanese wife, Atsumi Sato, 21

'Paired off'......Sato: O Michael, Michael! Wherefore art thou Michael....cutting the deck for a reshuffle....Has the art of romanticism truly descended to 'bingo bride'. Truly unhinged.

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For music i prefer a Hamburg radio. But rather than going to the IS? Small counrties need small solutions. And money is big.

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The Unification Church teaches that God is the Creator. What I wanna know is who or what created the Creator...

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I went to boarding school in the US back in the early 90s with 2 of the 16 Moon children. I didn't know about their family background so I never really questioned why they both seemed a bit "odd." Sadly, one of his sons, Phil(can't recall his Korean name) committed suicide shortly after graduating university. After learning of his family's history, I always wondered if he simply couldn't handle the connection to his father.

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No cynicism. just gotta be a first time groom, eh? Too bad. So I gather that if we marry a complete stranger, we are more likely to be respectful and devoted- of course also we share the same beliefs (indoctrination,right?) It's really heart-warming to read that London and maybe Tokyo?? have still got some pure, naive souls, considering the thousands upon thousands of street-smart teenagers around...

My partner is Japanese...but my Japanese skills are not perfect, and her English skills are not perfect, and we have SERIOUS misunderstandings that lead to unnecessary confrontation...good luck to newlyweds who can't even that IS a burden nobody needs to even begin to imagine...what the heck are these types to do over forty days of abstinence?? ( Home visit translator: "He says he wants to watch you unbutton your...")

I have respect for historical religions...this cult is just gawdawful ridiculous!!!!

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my congratulations to the marriage of mr schroeder & his wife miss sato both of them were very lucky people indeed. But i am afraid that their future income will be donated to that unification church and their living will be very very difficult. Such a romance is too high price to pay for.

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That's surely cheaper to go in group than to be charged the hotel chapel/false priest package for each couple.

.what the heck are these types to do over forty days of abstinence??

What do those J-couples over 40 years of abstinence ? These just get used to it quicker.

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Moonies, followers of Moon, the self-claimed messiah who married a 17 year old girl when he was 40, who has been found guilty of tax fraud and numerous cases of sexual assault. Creepy.

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" Moonies, followers of Moon, the self-claimed messiah who married a 17 year old girl when he was 40, who has been found guilty of tax fraud and numerous cases of sexual assault. Creepy. "

Careful, you must not offend the Moonies. They might become offended and turn into terrorists, which is then your fault. We must not fall for Mooniephobia here.

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Still bothers you that I'm right I see.

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you agree that our criticism of Moonism will create Moonie terrorists? Interesting.

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