59 killed, 157 injured in Kenya mall attack; hostages still held


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Another horror perpetrated in the name of religion.

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The headline should be " Muslim extremists terrorized and killed non-Muslim in Kenya mall". Their real faces.

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Religion has sweet eff all to do with it.

A good friend was beaten up for being the wrong faith by his coreligionists in Belfast despite giving compelling evidence to the contrary. Thugs who want to kill or beat people up, will do so, and several protestants were killed in that city just for being catholics (?).

For warlords and lawmakers alike, creating and maintaining division is the most low-effort, high reward path to riches. Ask any empire.

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Get real, you have a good point. Same went on with the crusades. Soldiers were recruited on the catholic side with the promise of free indulgences. The muslims promised their virgins in heaven. Religious fanaticism leads to these kinds of incidents. Only the truth will set you free.

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Unfortunately, things like this will happen when a country interferes in the internal affairs of another & it's sad that innocent people will die as a result. It's sad also that Pres Kenyatta has lost family members even though he was recently elected.

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Do you really think this is a simple revenge attack because Kenya "interfered in the internal affairs of another" country? These Islamic extremists are blood-thirsty savages who will use any excuse to commit these atrocities in order to remain 'relevant' in the eyes of the public and among other terrorist groups. If your only purpose is to create terror, and you're not out killing innocent people, then you're not really doing your job, are you?

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The death toll is now up to 59.

I know that JT is primarily for US readers, but there were British people involved in this too... one British woman said that she and 60 other shoppers hid out in a store room before they could escape.

It seems like the Islamists are stepping up attacks all over the place.

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Equality: Good one. Excellent post. "To remain 'relevent'." Probably true. Their peers? Creepy.

Thanks, Equality. And a thumbs up to Triumvere. And a thumbs down to religion (sorry).

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Religion is not bad. It's actually good for most societies. The morals they teach and faithful followers believe are really beneficial. And I have no faith.

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Most updated news

3 Americans; two from Minnesota, one from Missouri, are among terrorists.

Actually I was not surprised as there have been crazy websites that have been originated in MN on Syrian issue. I do not know if there is any connection between Syrian issue to this issue. I am just beginning to wonder.

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Violent scumbags attack unarmed people. They are cowards. Their "cause" is nothing more than a coward's lame excuse for bloodthirst. Same as shooting up theatergoers. The depravity of some humans. Shameful.

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