39 people found dead in truck container in southeast England


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Jesus. Absolutely shocking

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The saddest part of this is that the world has enough food, medicine, jobs, etc. to help all people. But, when you have dictators, religious zealots, and many (not all) billionaires running the countries you end up with tragic stories such as this. Maybe everything wouldn’t be equal, which is fine, but as a world or just in our country, we can erase the tragedies of extreme poverty that we see everyday.

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Brexit will not stop these tragic events involving illegal immigrants hiding in lorries (trucks) or trying to cross the English Channel in small boats.

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If you knew the aftermath of Brexit, then you would be the next prophet...

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but I can state with certainty that illegal immigration and the very tragic events like the post will continue whether our UK is in the EU or not.

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That is awful. Terrible way to die. RIP.

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I understand there is no information as to the country of origin of the 39 deceased ?

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That will be impossible because none had any ID which is normal with people smugglers.

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They arrived the long way round, Bulgaria, Cherbourg, Rossclare,Dublin, Holyhead. All the ingredients of people smuggling, frozen to death in the back of a lorry.

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Unusual route for people smuggling more expensive and more time. Two ferry crossings.

From Holyhead then down to Essex.

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These are soft ports, what a tragic way to go.

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The driver of the Truck has been named, Mo Robinson, from Portadown, County Armagh.

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Not a good way to go. Having said that, if I were to find them alive, I'd send them all back across the channel.

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Had they survived they would be assessed for asylum and placed in a center until resolved. They couldn't be spent back across the channel only to the country of their birth.

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Happens here in America with people coming from the southern countries.

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Reports say the trailer/container actually travelled from the Belgian Port of Zeebrugge ….

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Unusual route for people smuggling more expensive and more time. Two ferry crossings.

Perhaps that's why the traffickers chose it - lower security maybe.

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And some people continue to demonise illegal immigrants/asylum seekers as "country shoppers" and all the rest of it. This just goes to show how desperate some people are that they will take this kind of risk - and end up dying horribly packed into a truck container in some godforsaken industrial estate.

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".... will continue whether our UK is in the EU or not."

It will continue as long as the UK remains an outstanding place to live and work, where people from around the world receive respect and enjoy freedom. If it weren't all those things, such huge numbers of people wouldn't be so desperate to get there, many of whom cross thru the likes of Germany, Austria, Netherlands and France en route.

The UK is a victim of its own attractiveness.

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This will never end until their home countries improve.

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38 adults and a teenager froze to death in the back of a container lorry.

These ports must check every container. NO more soft ports

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Suffocation or carbon dioxide poisoning? Traggic!

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These ports must check every container. NO more soft ports

Heh, people on the internet make declarations so easily without having any clue whatsoever of what the logistics of their proposed solutions would entail.

Do you have any clue whatsoever of the numbers of containers that would cover, and how many people would be required to do so? As well as the time it would take to do it. It would gum up shipping times, and who is going to pay for the thousands and thousands of inspectors such a move would require?

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There is technology available but it is eye-watering expensive, these people suffered an agonising slow death. Strangerland please, the 39 are human beings. Spend the money.

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There is technology available but it is eye-watering expensive,

So who pays for that?

You write as if I’m the one personally blocking it.

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It was a refrigerated container making it air tight? Millions of containers enter and leave the country every year. It would be impossible to check every one and also slow down the transportation time and delivery time to months which is unacceptable. The paperwork for a container indicates to the customs if something is wrong but this container originated from Bulgaria another EU country and having free movement of trade.

Bulgarian people smuggler gangs charging people 10,000 Euros.

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Come on Strangerland, you are not a blocker by any stretch of the imagination , and it is quite right to point out the cost.

It would be a substantial sum, and the logistics would be an additional financial burden too.

39 lives lost, in addition to the 60 Chinese immigrates trapped in the similar container for more than 18 hours. There has got to be a smarter way of dealing with this.

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The headlines in the UK read,

"'They died slowly in horrendous conditions': How 39 desperate stowaway migrants were locked in refrigerated 'metal coffin' on tragic final journey from Belgium to Essex and froze to death as 'temperatures plunged to -25C'"

The container reached the reached the UK on a cargo ferry from Belgium. Not via Ireland as first suggested.

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Let them in, send them back if necessary, but enough is enough. Don t let the people or sex smugglers win

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The authorities are saying that all 39 victims are Chinese. Previously there was another container death case with 58 Chinese victims in 2000.

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