4 bound men thrown to deaths from bridge in Mexico


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These guys could serve as poster models for the 2012 Mayan calendar.

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Legalizing marijuana in America is the first step towards reducing the drug violence in Mexico. Absolutely nothing will improve in Mexico until the majority of Americans can admit that their country's drug policy has been a huge failure and start to look at different methods to deal with the issue.

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Easy to say that legalizing drugs in the USA will make the violence in Mexico go away, but I am afraid that this is just too simplistic of an answer. The drug gangs, narcos as we call them in Mexico, are not your average Jose or Manuel. These guys are evil, Satanic, cold blooded bastards. They have been picked up the streets by the narcos, fed and given shelter but in return they have been trained to torture, kill, you name it these bastards will do it. I am Mexican, and we Mexicans know our own people better than what ever the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA think they know. Making marijuana in the USA legal may take some profits away from the narcos, but at the same time, marijuana is just 1, only 1 of the many drugs that the narcos deal with, you have heroine, you have cocaine, and recently very, very popular in the USA is crystal meth and these are just drugs, then you have to launder your $$$$ right? On both sides of the border you see so many nice new Mexican restaurants etc...takes lots of $$$ to make big restaurants, super markets do not get that kind of $$$ from cleaning toilets, baby sitting or picking vegetables in the USA, right? So as long as the profits from selling illegal drugs is there, many of these young Satanic lads will just keep on killing and getting killed, when in Mexico the minimum wage is about $0.50 cents USD per hour! The $$$ these narco Satanic murderers make would make all of our heads spin round and round! Time for Hollywood to make a new movie like Scar Face, but instead of a poor Cuban living it up in Miami, a used to be poor Mexican now living it up Mexico or Central America or South America or now even over in Africa because the DEA, on their tails, kind of a cat and mouse type of relationship.

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Sure Elbud, I didn't say JUST legalizing marijuana, but also revamping the current drug policy to focus more on drugs as a health issue, instead of a criminal one. Legalizing mj would also take a LARGE chunk of their profits out. I think you may be understating the effect legalizing mj would have.

If it was me, I would make all drugs illegal (even the bad ones) and then regulate and tax them to fund massive education and rehab programs.

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Yes ,hitmen from Cartels,killing for BIG DOLLLARS.

It's all about the MONEY and drug turf.

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Holland has it right but the rest of the world are still figuring it out. Mexico needs to legalize soft drugs like marijuana and it might make the USA think a little. They keep saying God Bless America the land of the free, then why ban gods creation??

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