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4 Delhi gang rapists sentenced to death


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I feel this is the correct sentence.

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So will this be the standard going forward? Or will low-caste girls who are raped be told to "be reasonable" when they report their crimes?

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I'm not for the death penalty, but I'm glad to see the judge did not just let them off with light sentences. I'm sorry one of the rapists moaned and cried after the sentence and won't have more time to reflect on his actions, but now he truly realizes the gravity of them.

Hopefully this sends a message to others out there that it won't be tolerated any more, and hopefully the law ensures it is not.

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won't have more time to reflect on his actions,

They all will. First, the defense has appealed and second, it will be quite some time before the sentences are actually carried out. They can reflect while all that is happening.

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Not supportive of the death sentence but this was a really heinous crime. These f--kers really showed no compassion (or humanity for that matter) with what they committed. Still think hard labor would fit the bill better. Breaking big rocks into smaller ones for no use whatsoever for the rest of their lives would be a better punishment.

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You reap what you sow.

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I saw the video, these idiots got what they deserve! HANG THEM!

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Just put them in with the Sikhs who have been convicted of sex crimes, they'll quickly learn a little biit of what their victim felt.

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My only regret is that they'll waste more public money and time on appealing. There was a mount of evidence here, 85 witnesses, DNA evidence, bite-marks matching the teeth of the rapists, etc. Permission to appeal should have been denied, and they should have just strung them up right there in the court. It would have given closure to the victims families, and been the most humane thing for the rapists (no time spend in solitary confinement dreading the inevitable).

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I am glad that the girl got her justice. Death Penalty is not the way to go but for what the four men did they deserve it. Enjoy your life in h*ll you four men.

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Death Penalty is not the way to go but for what the four men did they deserve it.

So, in other words, it is the way to go. I agree.

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Whilst India will likely indefinitely remain the worlds rape-capital, it is nonetheless a positive thing that the place will at least be cleansed of these four maggots. High time Indian men started acknowledging that women are actually human beings, not animals.

Rest in Peace to the poor innocent victim.

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Well deserved for these animals. The sort of thing they did is what you expect blood-crazed people in war might do. This will send a strong message.

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