4 Indian sisters maimed in acid attack


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Slowly but surely any respect I had for Indian men is dropping.

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Appalling cruelty, here. Acid attacks are truly evil.

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Kanwar Jahan, Aisha, Sonam and Isha were attacked late Tuesday in the Kandhla area of Shamli town. Superintendent of Police Abdul Hamid told IANS that the assailants were wearing helmets and hence could not be identified.

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Reading about these sorts of attacks sickens me more than most of the horrid violence that makes it into the news on a daily basis. Acid (and similar) attacks on women aren't simply an assault on an individual - they're an assault on the idea that women are entitled to have an education, seek employment, choose their own marriage partner, and otherwise have a place in the public square on par with men. That day is coming when women everywhere will enjoy those rights, but clearly we're not there yet. Not only do the attackers not want to see that day, they also see violent acts as horrific as this as an acceptable means to stop it.

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Lost for words This is Terrible in this century It should never happen anywhere to any person .The perpetraiters need an Eye for an eye attitude ,To have a group of the local ladies to dish back to them 4 fold what they have done.To these girls.

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I hope, first, that the acid attackers are caught, and second, that Indian law is changed to allow acid attackers to be punished by having acid applied to say, their baby fingers and maybe baby toes, enough to cause severe pain, but not enough to keep them from working their butts off for the rest of their lives in a prison work camp.

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Let the local women decide their punishment.

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This suggests a kind of simmering anger of those being left behind as India develops. It is terrible for those poor women.

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What kinda of sicko wakes up and says "I am going to throw some acid at some girls today" ?

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Remove the 'bailable' part, track these guys down, and give them 20 years for every person that got even a drop of acid on them. India needs to start making it clear women are not lower class human beings, even if India still refuses to remove the caste system.

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