4 killed on river rapids ride at Australian theme park


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This ride has been at the park for a very long time I remember riding on it 30 years ago.Who knows what happened one can only speculate but a very tragic event for all those involved.Deepest condolences go out to family and friends.

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It's interesting that the article starts with, Sydney. Dreamworld is on the Gold Coast 1200 kilometres away (just up the road). I know this ride and have been on it a few times. My guess would be, the people killed were not properly strapped into their seats. However, whether it is the fault of the park or the riders remains to be seen.

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@Disillusioned that is sort of what I was thinking seems a bit strange its not a ride that alot could really go wrong with.

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It's interesting that the article starts with, Sydney.

That's just a generic thing, like a story about the US might start with "WASHINGTON" or about France might start with "PARIS."

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If an amusement park ride is fills a gap in your life, something is wrong. Unlike airline pilots, which have a vested interest in safety... the same cannot be said for 'amusement' ride operators.

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Theme parks aren't 'that' safe and we often hear about malfunctions or other type of incidents where visitors are stranded mid ride or get injured, sometimes seriously. On the smh this morning a visitor said the same ride was not working earlier in the day so obviously there were some issues, doesn't mean they are related to this particular incident though.

@kuya, sure amusement parks do have a vested interest in safety but in a very competitive market like GC they also have to offer the 'longest/craziest/scariest/fastest' etc ride to attract visitors and maximise profits. Security is not the only parameter, far from it.

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Theme parks aren't 'that' safe

Way more safe than driving a car.

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I believe that the city listed at the beginning indicates where the article was originally published, not the location of the story.

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That is truly horrifying, I was thinking that it may have been their fault for getting out of their belts and wandering around, but it seems it was a catastrophic malfunction. This used to be my favourite ride in Wonderland in Sydney, so this is really shocking

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