4-year-old Indian girl dies after rape attack


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Oh god not another one...

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4 years old and rape doesn't match at the same sentence... WTF with the world...

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But whoever shall offend one of these little would be better for him if a millstone was hung about his neck and he was drowned in the depths of the sea.

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Pigs like that must die! Must be shot on sight! No more emphatic speech about poor humans who are mentally disturbed! How long will we read this kind of news??? men raping women and child like beasts? Well, in most of the country that I know, rabid beast problem is taken care by a bullet in the head.

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I don't believe in the death penalty. But when I read of people raping four and five-year-old kids and the kids dying, I really question that belief. It is so frustrating to constantly read about this. India has to do something, and do it NOW!

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India is one of the worlds most ancient cultures and yet these things happen, reflective of the decreasing morality of men in that coutry largely attributed to the cast system and male dominance. Convicted rapests should face death by the most burtal means, like drag to death by running horse or being feed to a wild animal.

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I hope these guys at minimum NEVER see freedom again! It seem India also has little value for girls also, and hope that culture progesses beyond that. Gender selected abortion. Female child mortality. Wake up India, these are your future.

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Sexual insanity.

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I hope that hell exists

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"men raping women and child like beasts?"

Animals don't behave in this manner, only sick human beings do such horrific things. Along with genocide and ethnic cleansing and anything else you might want to add to the long list of greatest hits of atrocities as a species...

What's worse is we claim to be evolved.

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This is beyond words...

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absolutely sick and appalling.. the scum should have his genitals severed and be tortured until he dies a slow and agonizing death.

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stuarto, yes...hell does exist. And when this, animal knocks on the gates of hell, he will suffer for eternity!

I cant...and do not want to imagine what that little girl went through. It pisses me off that there are people in this world that can hurt little children.

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Other news outlets said that the poor girl was only five.

RIP Little Indian child.

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Awful. Just awful. What a savage country that has no respect for women and children. What is sad is India is not alone in this category. RIP little gal.

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Michael Craig,

The April 15 kidnap and brutal rape of a five-year-old in the capital New Delhi, spurred another round of demonstrations in the capital over the high levels of sexual violence and police handling of the case.

I think the five year old girl you mentioned was a different rape that just happened,

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I can only hope that she is in better place now... RIP.

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Poor little girl! Stuart, you took the words right out of me, that hell does exist and may I add that these evil bastards burn and burn and burn in HELL for all of eternity! Who in the hell would even do this to a 4 year old??????????!!!!!!!!

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FOUR ? i had to read that a few times to make sure it said four ... someone should go check the gates of hell to see if anything got out lately, that's monstrous

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