40 years ago, passions ran high as last shah fled Iran

By Amir Havasi

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Afyet 40 years they are responaible for the type of government they have today.

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Jimmy Carter is to blame. He abandoned the Shah, just as he did others, and in so doing unleashed forces in the Middle East and around the world that are still being felt today.

The Shah was no saint, but without question he was far better than what came after.

All because Carter tried to get moral and all of that.

No different than Obama's stance in the Arab spring.

The world is an ugly place and sometimes your allies, while immoral, are better than their alternative.

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Sheikh-Mehdi said this was precisely the time to return to the religious roots of the revolution.

I think attempting to embrace the 21st century rather than being weighed down by the ideas of the 7th century would be better.

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"the arrival of the Islamic revolution."

Iran has been suffering ever since. Forcing everyone to obey Islamic law. Ridiculous.

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Iran has been suffering ever since

Another way to look at countries like Iran which have been defaced by theocracy is the loss of potential. Historically this part of the world produced people who contributed much to progress in many fields of knowledge but modern Iran seems more interested in dragging others back in time with it.

What a waste.

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Jimmy Carter is to blame.

What was he to do? Send in US troops to fight a very angry population?

Surely blame must belong to the UK which blockaded Iran under Mossadegh's rule, and somehow got the US to overthrow the government and bring the Shah back to power.

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As Jim says.

I am half-Iranian. I saw the Shah's Iran and from afar have seen what has become of it today. The Shah improved the economy and relationships with the US and Israel but let his people down (by outrageous affluence). The Islamic revolution empowered the people but then let their people down (by not improving anything).

Iran has also been manipulated by the Americans and the British in history (oh what a surprise - have any historical hotspots not been.?) Due to their vast potential in oil revenue the western world has happily placed Iran in a mess.

An economically powerful and well run Iran would be too much of a threat to the world order. But the one thing I do like about current Iran is their lack of fear in not bowing down to political pressure from the US. Many other countries could learn from that.

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Jimmy Carter is to blame. He abandoned the Shah, just as he did others

And to think, he could have propped up his corrupt, tottering regime instead.

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