42,000 rapid antigen tests snatched in Sydney heist


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Clever cat snatches RATS.

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The country's consumer watchdog has received reports of retailers selling tests for about US$22 each.

Nope, some places are selling them for US$70 - this is for 1 test.

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Australia today. Everyone is desperate to get tested. Yes I am sure they would test several times a day if they could. Dissatisfaction with the government for not providing them free so they can do that.. Meanwhile massive price gouging by pharmacies and others capitalizing on COVID while they can. All the big companies made millions in COVID handouts whilst their profits increased anyhow yet they dont have to return it. So I guess the guy either wants to be able to test every day and/or make his own share of COVID profiteering

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I guess Japan is doing a descent job or we are just living in confusing times. I have got two free Antigen tests & a free PCR test in the past 7 days at my workplace bcoz a few cases got identified. I haven't shown an symptoms yet , and those who were directly in contact with the subjects. Maybe Japan is doing a good Job in making these tests available for free to everyone now, but I do wonder if Bosses do have the legal authority to sanction these tests to the unwilling who are healthy. Could this be a power harassment case on the brew?

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So desperate!

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Another way to look at it is that they will be destroyed. Not everything is about money.

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He has to try and offload them to make a profit, and given the scarcity of RATs in Australia he and/or his “retailers” will stand out like dogs’ you-know-whats when they do. Legally, when you could still find them, RATs sold for about $12.50 to $15 Australian per test. I bought four at those prices, so this guy could make quite a packet. Until he’s caught.

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Will all be on Ebay later.

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I can't see the reason for being tested.

You either have it or not...

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Good LUCK fencing.!

Like, some guy in the dimly lit back corner of the public bar offering,

Psss, do you want to buy a RAT?

Or online, on EBay traceable- good LUCK!!

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You don't just waltz in and "take possession" of 42,000 kits. You need a forklift for several pallets and a lorry to put them in. There will be fingerprints on the freight depot's forklift and photos of the lorry's tags. This won't take long to track down.

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I can't see the reason for being tested. 

You either have it or not..

Firstly so that you know not to infect other people and secondly, if you fall genuinely sick, the hospital knows that you are a covid patient.

I am rather surprised that people are still asking such questions in 2022.

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after 2 years, every leader and institutions forgot to revamp and strengthen our medical facilities and infrastructure?

what had they been doing?

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