43 killed in Nigeria in Boko Haram school attack


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Gotta love fundamentalist Muslim extremists. Winning the hearts and minds of the people to their way.

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Gotta love fundamentalist Muslim extremists. Winning the hearts and minds of the people to their way.

These scum can only achieve their goals by striking fear into the population and I only hope that the resolve of the Nigerian population is strong and they can band together against fundamentalism.

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DO - All religion is fundamentalism. Belief in stone age fables and witchcraft or some sort of emancipation from earthly suffering based on a divine force with no basis in objective reality is fundamentalism. Thank god I'm an atheist. Perhaps someday our species will rise out of its moral infancy and cast off its delusional supernaturalism. Abandonment of the semitic faerie tales would be a good start.

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What are the moderate Muslim leaders stance on these cowardly attacks? We know these are the fundamentalist extremists inflicting the attacks but do the moderate leaders detest these attacks? I have yet to hear any condemnation of the "fundamentalist extremists".

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Any particular reason why the wealthier more powerful Islamic countries don't get angry over this kind of thing?

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They are probably funding it OssanAmerica

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Makes no sense but seems like this is becoming the norm for getting one's views noticed or for showing disapproval of others.

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Boko Haram is and has been a cancerous blight on the world. I'm wondering just WHEN the USA will take some time off from securing its energy supplies and eradicate this abomination off the face of the earth. I'm assuming nobody wants to do anything as this also means trying to repatriate, re-integrate, and re-educate all the forced child soldiers - a lifelong commitment.

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The highly corrupt Nigerian government probably should not have murdered the group's leader in prison. Remember, it was the Nigerian government that struck first, and that after decades of oppression.

They want a Muslim state in the north of Nigeria, an area that used to be independent anyway. I don't like Boko Haram tactics, but you know what is going to hit the fan when you deny a people independence. It happens all the time.

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