5 dismembered bodies found in northern Mexico


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This is really bad. They post videos on all of their killings on liveleak and other websites. That would suck to see your relative or someone close to being cut up into pieces. It must be shocking not to mention gross. Mexico is now the middle-east of Latin America. They are as or even more brutal than the Al-qaeda. It is ashame because a country with so much history and charisma is listed as one of the most dangerous countries in Latin America next to Colombia. That is so sad is so many levels.

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I used to think that it was just the guys there who were being macho, cruel and brutal; but having seen some of the videos, it is the women too who perform the beheading and dismembering...a sad, breakdown of humanity.

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Seen what recently happened in South Africa during a Miners Strike. Stuff like that is not just confined to Mexico or the ME. There are some rather graphic videos on the main news-sites.

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Legalize it in the USA and end this cartel BS.

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