5 new countries go nuclear despite Fukushima: U.N.


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and what about india? ofcourse it will, so total 6...and count will go on rising gradually.

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Nuclear is the cleanest and cheapest way to produce power. The Fukushima plants are old design. The newer designs are much safer. Generation of electricity is never safe. Dams can break. Coal and oil polutes, but the boilers can explode like bombs (since they are over 100 ft in length). The top 5 nuclear plant accidents can be found here. does that mean that nuclear is no good. Not really. It's like saying airplanes should be banned because of air disasters or boats should be banned because of the Titanic.

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Bangladesh.. One of the most flood prone nations on earth... Very risky.

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what a joke.

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Should be outlawed, because radioactive releases are up to "someone at the plant who decides to release them". And we don't want that.

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Turkey, um? at least equal to Japan when it comes to powerful earthquakes.

Despite the Fukushima nuclear disaster, International Big Nuke is busy at work.

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These countries are not worried, they'll never have a nuclear accident, lol.

"It's like saying airplanes should be banned because of air disasters or boats should be banned because of the Titanic."

Not quite. If a plane crashes or a boat sinks, a few hundred people die. Millions of others people continue to fly and ride on planes and boats safely. When a nuclear power plant releases radiation, not only do people die, but no one can live anywhere near the plant for ages.

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What is the viable alternative to nuclear power in Japan? I would like some of the complainers to answer this honestly and come at me with some alternatives. Fukushima was subjected to a rare devastating tsunami and given that I would say the outcome isn't nearly as bad as it could have been. It also provided massive amounts of power for years.

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It's O.K. to go nuclear if they don't do what the Japanese did and they would build the NPP at a safe place and not in the fault line, consider the timely warnings, care about safety and carry out the costly regular and proper maintenance, employ competent and capable staff who knows at least what the Japanese staff didn't, how to activate the emergency cooler system, the water stored in huge tanks in case the diesel generators failed, can provide proper manuals and training for well payed responsible staff to do a high risk job.

It's simple like this. More exactly have the NPP built, operated, and supervised by humans and not wild boars.

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For the LAST time: The tsunami caused the problem, not the earthquake. Remote electrical supply (generators) with underground cables covered by debris from the tsunami, unfortunately, will keep the generators safe and cool. Japan already knows it does not have "dinosaur" oil reserves. It has to move on to nuclear, solar and wind electricity producing methods. "Wild boars? There was a story in 2004 about how the Japanese hog producers had developed a methane production method from pig waste that was used to make electricity. WW II veterans remember saving pig fat to produce weapons and heat food or water. It is all there for those who remember or want to know how to produce electricity.

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@noriyosan73 Feb. 25, 2012 - 02:44PM JST

Though, I am scared by nuclear energy I basically don't object the use of it.

What you have mentioned as an alternative energy carrier is certainly not bad, but please consider the possibly of the soaring and unaffordable prices of pig waste if such alternative methane power plants were build on industrial scale.

Let alone the necessity of building expensive pig waste processing plants, those who would throw out the 80% of the purchased basic commodities for being faked imitations of pig waste.

After all what we have experienced in the food industry in the past few years what could we expect in the pig waste industry for electric power plants. Serial blackouts.

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There are many things people don't want in this world. War is a good start, but shelter, clothing, comfort and an adequate food supply are good things. Anyone who does not want nuclear power needs to return to the cave and try to survive. It can't be done. Japan cannot give up it nuclear power companies. Try walking to work when the apartment is in a town 30 KM from work. No electricity, no trains.

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you do realize that only 30 countries use nuclear energy to generate power and nuclear energy only accounts for about 11% of total power generated?

Many millions of people living without any nuclear power and have plenty of power and don't walk to work.

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That's not true. France generates 75% of all it's electricity from nuclear power plants. It is those kind of LIES that people spread and morons want to believe in, instead of facts and the truth.

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