5 U.S. troops among 50 killed in Afghan violence


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Afghanistan had better enlist a lot of troops in their army. The US isn't going to continue to support a war after a point in time. Like Iraq, they have to stand up and take control. We're going to leave one day. < :-)

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The US isn't going to leave with a another scar on herself. The problem is if the other allies leave first. The Canadians have been in it in the danger zones and the others gave little support... at least until the US sent more troops. The Canadians have taken the brunt of it for a long while.

True, the Afghanis need to figure out which side they're on, their army and police for example. Money is a big factor; the Allies promise but can't quite deliver. The Afghanis want a more stable country, but the Taliban are cowards and blend in with the rest of the population and promise money and help... more as a bribe than help – they know weak people will turn coats. Unfortunately, the Taliban do not wear uniforms like the cowards they are. They plant roadside bombs to kill a couple of allied troops and kill a whack of their own innocent civilians.

That proves to me a few things... they'd rather (love) kill innocent people; two allied troops are equal to 20 of their own lives (they need to brainwash more of their children to kill & die); they want control of a nation that produces opium so as to gain wealth for their cause. Does their Allah condone such actions? If most muslims don't condone alcohol, do they condone drug production & trafficking? Yet the muslim powers were supporting the Taliban at one time.

The terrorists can't see that they're doing harm to their own religion... KILLING, KILLING, KILLING, their own people and others. If the war ever ends, they'll be a bloodthirsty lot, walking around with the rest of the civilians causing trouble. They'll be tossing acid onto faces of precious young girls who want an education and executing "sinners" because they know God will forgive and they see Him as being weak, unlike themselves. The Taliban are the judge, jury & executioners because they know God's will! How grave that they know what God is thinking that they themselves are elevated to God's level. A cruel and treacherous joke on themselves! Enjoy your free trip to hell...

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All wars are aristotatic lunacy supported by mindless killing activities,by 2 rival parties for control of land.

The mindless killing of people ,also was seen in US on Sept 11,2001 and in many other nation via Al-qaeda-taliban bomb attacks outside afghanistan via their muslim supporters.

It is a of case Taliban muslim afghans financed by their aristocratic muslim supporters versus others.

Aristocratic lunacy actions ,faiths ,opium money ,global weakness ,global drug addiction and world nations unity weakness are connected in this war.

The lunacy of mindless war will end,when support wanes for it in both rival parties.

US will be out of Iraq in 2011,so it will be too, in afghanistan.

Just the withdrawal year has not been decided yet,due to many reasons. One main reason is the fear of losing Afghanistan to pro-isolation former anarchist Taliban-alqaeda governance.

World nations fear Afghanistan isolation and afghan anarchy,more than anything else. This why everyone is in afghanistan.

Isolation makes Afghanistan best place for all type of aristocratic lunacy by rich anarchists . It is also great for opium trade's lunacy ways of rich in opium trade .

The lawless anarchist and the lawless aristocratic lunacy of Global Opium business,no where to base themselves.

The future is bright to all afghan people, who change for better future in Afghanistan via their own empowerment for better future.

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correction-All wars are aristocratic lunacy supported by mindless killing activities,by 2 rival parties for control of land.

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