5-year-old boy fatally stabs twin brother in California


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At least, here we see Humane reason - the young boy, was given the benefit of doubt over his "rage" incident, for which , he will have to live with, for the rest of his life.

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But muh gun violence. Inb4 the US has violent media when all of the other OECD countries do as well.

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Sorry to mention, though this was a "stabbing" incident rather than a Gun one. You have Kitchen Knives in Taiwan right, or elsewhere ?

This is a very sad situation, where one frustrated Kid grabbed a home utensil and attacked their sibling. I/we don't know the background to that situation - but, in reality, it's something can actually happen in any family with Kids. Kids argue, they fight too... to differing levels.

What makes this news story outstanding, is the age.

I feel sorry for the Parents, the Mother especially who will probably still be saying WTF happened and why ? And others around her will be saying all the time that she/they are bad Parents !!! (I really hate this attitude these days).

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Gun kill people or children? Knife too, don't forget that.

A 5-year-old California boy fatally stabbed his twin brother, authorities said.

What was the argument? "At the end only can be one of us, not two (twin)".

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What a heavy burden that little boy must now carry into the future, but much good might still come from this tragedy if the boy is able to live his life in a way to give to the world as an atonement for the life he took from his twin.

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