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50 bodies unearthed from Mexican mass grave

By Ulises Ruiz

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This is just scratching the surface I am afraid. There will be mass graves uncovered for 100 years to come.

Beltrán-Leyva Cartel.

La Familia Michoacana/Knights Templar Cartel.

Gulf Cartel.

Juárez Cartel.

Sinaloa Cartel.

Tijuana Cartel.

Los Zetas.

Everyone of these Cartels should be identified as terror groups and annihilated from the face of the Earth.

And would gladly volunteer to do so and dispatch with great prejudice. They are the devils hands.

Las armas nacionales se han cubierto de gloria Rise Mexico!

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The cartels are funded with money from addicts in the US and are armed with weapons manufactured in the US.

The US has been trying to annihilate from the face of the Earth the cartels since Nixon, but, unsurprisingly, violence has not proven successful at all. How about addressing the root cause: Addiction in the US?

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It's ok if Mexicans die, as long as American can continue fighting the failed war on drugs.

America loves its wars.

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The U.S.population spends $150 Billion on illegal drugs yearly. $50 Billion goes too Mexico.

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Build the wall. Drugs are killing people on both sides of porous cartel controlled border.

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Strangerland: It's ok if Mexicans die, as long as American can continue fighting the failed war on drugs.

Until now I thought I was the most cynical of the regular posters here.

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