50 dead in wave of Iraq attacks centered on Baghdad


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"Chaos Accomplished"

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good advert for getting involved and sorting out Syria. I guess at least there things can't get much worse.

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That is nonsense Wakarimasen, this was not happening in Iraq before the allies decided to 'sort them out' .

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Bring back Saddam I say..............................Oh yes, of course. I forgot.

But seriously, even those most one-eyed dyed in the wool Bush supporter even in full denial must accept that Iraq was a relatively peaceful place in comparison with the anarchy and daily mass murder of present day Iraq. Pre-invasion no Al-Qaeda, no car bombs, no civil war. And exchange they got what? Is anyone going to be first to say they got Democracy? Fair exchange? Daily death in exchange to vote in rigged elections every few years and risk being blown up while doing so?

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North Korea is relatively peaceful.

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Now what Presidents Bush and Obama? Well, at least the world's armament industry has 100% employment.

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SuperLib -

North Korea is relatively peaceful

That's because they have not yet been "liberated" by America yet and given the wonder of unbridled capitalism - also known as democracy.

God forgive and protect them should they find vast previously unknown fields of gas and oil. Then they REALLY will need to be liberated and democratised.

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When you reflect back on the total disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan you just have to draw the conclusion that the perpetrators were mentally deficient beings. Most of the world told them they were wrong but such was their mental disease thy felt the world was wrong and they were right. Even now GWB say's he would not have done anything different which is a case for euthanasia if there ever was one.

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Pax Americana=destruction!!!!

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"Attacks have killed more than 3,900 people since the start of the year"

Blame the US, if you want to, but these killings boil down to Sunni-Shitte religious hatred that has spanned centuries.

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Looks like Obama's exit strategy was critically flawed. Still glad we left. Why wait in Afghanistan? Just up and leave like in Iraq.

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Blame the US, if you want to, but these killings boil down to Sunni-Shitte religious hatred that has spanned centuries.

No, blame Bush and Cheney. They chose to invade Iraq. They broke it. The Sunni Shia hatred was not boiling over in Iraq, because Hussein ran a tight operation.

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