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6 killed as man rams car into pedestrians in China


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"Police subdued Lin Jianxin, 37, with a water gun"

I thought water guns were used to disperse bunches of protesters...

"China has seen a spate of incidents in recent years where men — upset with life issues such as lack of employment or marital problems — have lashed out indiscriminately at members of the public — in what has become known as acts of “revenging the society.”

Lack of employment in China? With all this stuff being sold in Japan and the U.S. and everywhere else being made in China, there's unemployment in China? Incredible... but wait, there are over one point four billion Chinese now, aren't there?

"revenging the society"

The Chinese need to make the punishment for "revenging the society" much more harsh.

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The Chinese need to make the punishment for "revenging the society" much more harsh.

I guarantee he will be put to death like others before him. Can't get much harsher than that I think. It's not Japan where a deep bow and verbal apology can get you off the hook

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Probably like a riot hose (very painful and can easily knock you over)

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