6 shot dead; suspect on loose in suburban Philadelphia


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Well, this should solve his custody issues. Literally his custody issues.

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This should have been the main news story on CNN but Muslim extremism wins again.

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But let's remember friends, firstly and most importantly after yet another gun killing spree in America this is not the time to talk about gun control. This is a time to send our prayers and thoughts to those who have lost loved ones. But don't talk about gun control. This is not the time (when is the time?). Secondly, guns don't kill people, people kill people. So guns are not a factor here. And anyway, this is not the time to talk about gun control. We must instead pray.

So far this strategy has been left wanting. But I have little doubt it will remain in place in the land of the free.

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Two years and one day after Sandy Hook.....they still don't get it.

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“Bradley, this is the police department!” officers yelled throughout the standoff. “Come to the front door with your hands up. You’re under arrest.”

I am so glad the police are so well trained in negotiations and know not to be confrontational but rather do everything they can to de-escalate the situation, bring calm and maintain it.

Yeah, yelling "this is the police" and "you are under arrest" and some random loud explosions really ought to do the trick!

Oh, and by the way....explosions? The police do that to try and end stand offs? Excuse me?

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@SimondB -this guy is on a revenge mission. It may be worse with a knife. It was gunshots which alerted neighbors to call police. Otherwise his rampage would have gone undetected for some period of time.

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FYI re gun control posters, this is a USA national map of 1.3M online poll answerers on the topic, for some reason centered on Washington DC, zoom out to see the entire country.

Congressional District results from 1,277,597 users since Aug 2013 for the question "Do you support increased gun control?"

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DaDude: "This should have been the main news story on CNN but Muslim extremism wins again."

Yeah, except this is just another day in the US, whereas Muslim extremism in certain parts of the world is not, so they report what is actual 'news', not everyday occurrences.

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Ah the daily dose of US psycho citz on the rampage. Are there any places in America where nutters don't go on the rampage with guns?

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