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Turkey widens post-coup purge, demands U.S. hand over cleric


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This should prove to anyone who had doubts that the Turkish "coup" was really planned and executed by Erdogan himself in a Reichstag fire moment. Now the only question remaining is does the Turkish military ACTUALLY step in and rescue the country, as they have done in the past? If not, Turkey will turn into either Iran or Iraq, depending on whether Erdogan can control the clerics, after using them to help seize power.

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This should prove to anyone who

Wow. You have a pretty low threshold for "proof."

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This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Thousands of military men, judges, governors, civil servants, and police officials are being arrested. If so many people were plotting a coup how is it possible that the Erdogan government knew nothing of it? Add to that a call to reinstate the death penalty. Democracy is dying in Turkey and Erdogan is the one killing it. But unlike those who say it is to create a radical Islamist state, it is clearly Erdogan and his party seizing power for themselves. They use Islam when it is convenient to them; they ignore it when it becomes a hindrance to their autocracy.

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It would be very interesting to see how this coup failed. The result seems incredibly convenient for the Turkish President who has become an autocrat recently

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This terrorist should be handover, he killed 290 people, the US should not support terrorism and chaos in the Muslim countries. this is double standard and the hypocrisy of the western countries. instead of condemning killings and dictatorship the western media and the politicians supporting the coup terrorists.

The west want another Iraq, another Syria, they want chaos and killings, when the west will stop interfering in the Muslim countries. please support peace rather than destruction

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Ali, here we go again. Yeah, as turkey descends into another Islamic nightmare it's all "the wests" fault again.

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