M6.7 quake rattles Taiwan

By Amber WANG

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Shocking news, right after the Tohoku quake.

Stay safe Taiwan. Expect more quakes in coming days - get those emergency kits ready to grab and escape from buildings within 20 seconds.

Thoughts and prayers with the Taiwanese.

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Fortunate to have occurred on the east coast, a rough, gorgeous (in both interpretations) area with a small population.

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Fortunate to have occurred on the east coast

last time I went there the east coast was closed because of a tsunami.

love Taiwan. The people, food. I hope that China could send assistance.

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STOP That !

I was going to go for a visit, since Japan won't let us in (as Tourists).

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Bless those around the Pacific’s Ring of Fire, these days feeling nature’s stirring again and again.

With much love and support from all your friends around the world.

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