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62 tornadoes leave at least 45 dead in six U.S. states


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Amazing amount of tornadoes. Never ever heard of that many at once.

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Again, people are humbled by the sheer force and magnitude of mother nature.

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This website seems to like the word "spewing" whether it is in regard to tornadoes or radiation.

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This is an AP article so not written by JT. That said, you're right. Spewing does get used a lot here. I guess "emitting" doesn't have the right ring to it.

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The U.S. Right is right.

Global warming - a phenomenon that has been proven to spawn not just cyclones but also tornadoes - just isn't happening.

Time to put the blinkers back on and go back to the gas-guzzling vehicles.

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Climate Change will see more energy in the form of latent heat in the atmosphere leading to, undoubtedly, more instances of tornado swarms. Stay safe people.

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Where I live got socked by who knows how many of these tornadoes. Driving around town I saw several areas fairly close together that were badly damaged. I assume that it was the same tornado that hit each place but I don't know for sure. Although I had heard that there were some pretty bad storms coming our way, no one expected them to be this bad. We are used to tornadoes and hurricanes around here but these were particularly bad because so many hit populated areas. My bosses car was totaled and his house was damaged - but not too badly.

I wouldn't say that it has been hotter than usual for this time of year. The weather has been nice - not too hot but not all that cold either. As for global warming you can go ahead and knock that off. Even the promoters of climate change theory will tell you that localized weather events are not proof that the entire globe is being overheated by man.

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